Sneakers made of apple skin - Put your money where your mouth is

Celebrating Apple Day on apple skin shoes 
It is our mission to make a positive impact in the fashion industry. We are constantly looking for innovative initiatives to collaborate and inspire people to make more conscious decisions. We know it is very challenging to build a sustainable wardrobe and choose for change. That is why we want to highlight some of our favorite initiatives with our conscious wardrobe tips. Today is the day we celebrate Apple Day, so a perfect moment to highlight Womsh and their sneaker line made of apple skin leather! Are you celebrating with us?

Making impact
WOMSH is doing everything they can to increase their positive impact on the earth, besides the producing of their sustainable and ethical shoes. In 5 years, they have created and preserved a large surface of 23.000 m2 equatorial forest. Since 2016 they have recycled 2500 pairs of Womsh sneakers. Since 2014, they have offset more than 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission. Almost all the energy used by their company (90%) comes from renewable sources.

Walking on clouds
We love this Vegan Wave White Rose, because they look amazing and it really feels like you are walking on clouds. Or in this case, dancing on clouds! The upper is made out of Vegan Appleskin and recycled PET obtained from plastic bottles. The lining is made of cotton and metal-free leather. This pair has recycled PET laces and a recyclable rubber sole.

Gianni, the founder of Womsh, has always worked in the footwear industry. In 2011 he decided to start a mission with his own brand Womsh. It was very clear, this brand wanted to change the world. A brand that combines fashion with sustainability, Italian craftsmanship with ethical production, and respect for the environment with respect for people. Helping society through its work leaving a positive mark by involving talented people, creating an environment where honesty, transparency, future vision and inclusion are not just beautiful words to say but healthy and concrete ways of doing business.Womsh is working every day towards a more sustainable future by searching for technical solutions and inspire people to make more conscious choices when it comes to buying shoes.

Shoes are worth an investment
Building a conscious wardrobe is not only about buying sustainable brands. We encourage you to buy less and start appreciate the items you already have. When you really need something new, try to buy it second hand. You can also swap or borrow clothes. For shoes, we understand it can be a bit more tricky, because shoes will form to the feet of the first person walking in those pair of shoes. That is why we think that buying shoes is really worth an investment. You want shoes that suit you perfectly and can last for a long time. We have been testing the Womsh sneaker while dancing on Apple Day, so we say, APPROVED!