ID&T is one of the most established organisations known for their popular festivals, like Amsterdam Open Air, visited every year by thousands of people. Amsterdam Open Air invited us to brainstorm about their festival of the future and share our expertise on how conscious fashion could be a part of this festival. We were asked to design and produce a concept in collaboration with Ninjin Agency to inspire visitors to think about their consuming behaviour in a festive and interactive way.


Their challenge was to come up with a concept which is really suited to the mood and attention span of the visitors. It really needed to match their festive mood and could not be too serious or in-depth. The concept needed to be a refreshing and playful way to change the visitor's perspectives on fashion.


In collaboration with Ninjin agency, we came up with the
RUN-A-WAY installation and performance. This installation was a conversation starter and a refreshing way to find out how the visitors think about conscious fashion and encourage them to explore new ways of consuming fashion. The performance with a selection of the best artists, dressed in amazing upcycled outfits, was the absolute highlight and inspired visitors to change their look on fashion.


The concept was a great success inspiring thousands of visitors of the festival and outside online and offline. We captured a selection of the best conversations in photos and videos you can find here.

"MUMSTER is a very creative agency that do their work with a lot of passion".

—ID&T B.V.


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