J Label is a Dutch sustainable and women-empowering fashion brand. The TAKING JUSTICE campaign, including the documentary, shows how J Label produces clothing collections in a sustainable and ethical way. J Label requested a brand awareness campaign to spread their brand story and mission with their target audience and press in an authentic way. They wanted to increase their visibility to take their brand to the next level.


The founders had a challenge with defining their key message and finding an effective way to spread it with their target audience and press to increase their visibility. This visibility was necessary to take their brand to the next level and present themselves to potential retailers in a credible way.


We were honoured to design, produce and launch the TAKING JUSTICE campaign, including the documentary production, social media campaign in collaboration with six influencers, a press event with a panel as part of the PR strategy, and photo exposition from the influencer campaign shoot at the EYE FILM MUSEUM in Amsterdam.

We also created a sustainability guide, including a sewing kit in collaboration with partners like COSH!, Clean & Unique, Fair Wear Foundation, Schone Kleren Campagne, Fashion for Good and De Steek.


The successful campaign reached over half a million people as it was published in collaboration with the ambassadors in several media, such as the newspaper Het Parool, in magazines ELLE and Cosmopolitan and seen on TV and as part of a radio show.

With MUMSTER, you get the sum of parts and more, as they always know how to get you that little extra in the ordinary.

—Judith van der Wolde & Janneke Honings, founders of J label.


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