Lisa Marin is a luxury vegan bag brand based in The Netherlands that set out to revolutionize the fashion industry by banning animals from the clothing equation. Together with Lisa Marin, we worked on the ‘Take a Moment’ campaign to launch the new collection of bags crafted from apple waste, showcased in an inspiring launching event for press and influencers. The campaign aimed to encourage women to pause amidst the chaos and reflect, making choices that benefit both themselves and our precious planet.


Founder Lisa Marin faces the challenge of not only captivating her target audience with the stylish design of her bags but also immersing them in the captivating story behind each piece.
Her goal was to prove that style and sustainability can go
hand in hand.

Another challenge is the reputation of plant-based leather compared to real leather. Debates surrounding its quality compared to real leather and its overall environmental impact add layers of complexity to the narrative.


We arranged the partnership with True Cost Label to get the life cycle analysis (LCA) of Lisa Marin's bags measuring their environmental impact. Read the full analysis here.

We designed, produced and launched the campaign including the production of the video and photo campaign. Also, implemented PR and influencer marketing strategies to amplify the campaign reach.

Finally, we organized and produced the campaign’s launch an inspiring event, hosted in the heart of Amsterdam.


Our successful campaign made waves, reaching over 3.5 million people and earning coveted features in renowned magazines like JAN.NL and Mirror Mirror. Also, there was a resounding 100% attendance from our star-studded list of attendees at the event, including influencers and journalists.

The goal was to reach a bigger audience, to share my story and why Lisa Marin exists.


I decided to collaborate with MUMSTER and it exceeded all of my expectations. I'm so happy with the results!

— Lisa Eggen, founder of Lisa Marin.


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