The Swapshop is a fashion pioneer based in The Netherlands that’s working to push the circular economy forward and build a community of conscious individuals who renew their wardrobes sustainably. Together with The Swapshop, we worked on “The High Hopes” campaign to launch their innovative product, “The Puffer”, the first product of the future circular product line. With this campaign, we showcased their vision for a waste-free fashion future and their pioneering path to circularity in collaboration with their partners.


There was no time and expertise to expand the reach of their mission. They needed our support in attracting potential partners and stakeholders and producing an inspiring documentary to showcase the complicated, but fun process of creating “The Puffer”.

The goal was to motivate everyone to contribute to the circular textile industry.


We designed, produced and launched the campaign including the production of the “High Hopes” documentary. Also, we’ve worked on PR and influencer marketing strategies to amplify the campaign reach.

Finally, we organized and produced the campaign’s launch event, creating a platform for engagement and discussion and bringing leading voices in the circular textiles industry together.


The successful campaign reached over half a million people, being featured in prominent publications such as Marie Claire, Jan Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, and more. Also, over 100 people attended the launch event, including press and influencers.

MUMSTER needed very few words to understand exactly the result we were looking for. The result was better than expected! The documentary showed our personalities, hopes, dreams and ways of working so well!

— Monique Drent, co-founder of The Swapshop.


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