New Optimist is a fashion pioneer based in The Netherlands with a radical approach to changing the fashion industry for good in many different ways. New Optimist launched a crowdfunding campaign to open the New Optimist (NO) factory in Amsterdam with a clear vision of how fashion should be made: social, local and circular. With this campaign, New Optimist introduces a new fashion era, says NO to the old fashion industry, and YES to working within the limits of our planet and ethics.


There was no time, expertise or confidence to implement an effective crowdfunding campaign strategy. They needed our support reaching people outside their own network and producing compelling video content for people to understand why they needed to support this crowdfunding campaign.


We contributed to the successful crowdfunding campaign by filming, interviewing, and editing three episodes of a video series, and producing the leading crowdfunding video campaign.  We also did PR resulting in publications and radio performance.

After the opening, we visited the NO clothing factory in Amsterdam and showcased their inspiring efforts to revolutionise the fashion industry with a video report.


New Optimist collected 364.750 euros and, thanks to 130 shareholders, they opened their NO-factory in January 2023. We celebrate this victory for fashion pioneer New Optimist and celebrate a step closer to making the fashion industry more sustainable!

Thanks to the campaign, New Optimist was published in several media, including the radio.

MUMSTER helped us to get to the next level. They made sure that everything we did during the crowdfunding, but also afterwards, reached more people outside our usual network and outside our own inner circle.

— Xander Slager, co-founder of New Optimist.


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