Put your initiative in the spotlight as it deserves with our short-term campaigns!

We want to make sure that true fashion pioneers can take the stage with their authentic stories so people can truly connect with them and find what they need, while making more conscious choices that have a positive impact on people and the planet. With this service, our goal is to keep you in the loop and help you to focus on one or two specific projects and get the maximum impact out of them. 

Let’s shake up the status quo!


You have no time to waste, and you need to create an impact RIGHT NOW. With short-term collaboration services, we work straight to the point. Together, we'll decide where to focus and how to get your initiative's best results in a short timeframe based on a specific goal.


We will help you to get action. If you have many creative ideas but don’t know how to execute them, we will help you to turn your wishes into reality.  Let’s put plans and actions into practice to accelerate positive change in the fashion industry! 


We build the project timeline for you, making sure everything goes smoothly. The short-term collaboration is perfect for those who already have a plan, and know what they want to accomplish, but need some guidelines and structure to get started.


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