Another way to show solidarity is through the very clothes we wear.

In such turbulent times as these, it’s essential to show solidarity with one another. Whether it is giving a smile to a kind stranger, buying groceries for your elderly neighbors, or joining your friends at a peaceful protest.

Another way to show solidarity is through the very clothes we wear. Worldwide, one of the six people is working in the fashion industry: from store owners to designers, cotton farmers, brand teams, factory workers, artists, influencers, mill laborers, journalists, or stylists. In the (fashion) world, no one can exist without one another. We are all interconnected. We are all one.

The decision to show solidarity is the start. To follow through on it is an everyday task.

That is why MUMSTER joins forces with conscious fashion initiatives to SHOW SOLIDARITY and give you a chance to do the same. Together with inspiring initiatives we create a continuously evolving magazine with inspiring stories about the chosen projects, including editorial videos, breathtaking visuals, and captivating blog posts. Every edition has it’s own theme based on the most relevant topics of our time.

The underlying concept of the campaign is Earth as our home. This planet is something everyone has in common and what connects us all. From garment workers in Bangladesh protesting for a living wage to a sustainable boutique owner in Amsterdam hoping this crisis will pass quickly, we are ultimately all striving for a fairer, more sustainable fashion world. Because after all, Earth is our home, and we should treat it and every human in it as such. 

To keep this timeless message alive, the Show Solidarity magazine is going to be updated with new uplifting content within the theme every week. Follow the MUMSTER Instagram or sign up for the newsletter to not miss any updates.