Since 2016, we have had the honor to combine forces with numerous fashion pioneers and grow a strong community. Through our campaigns, we connect consumers, the industry and the government to move the industry forward - together. Everything we do has to bring us a step closer to creating a healthy fashion system for people and the planet. We have already made a huge impact with our campaigns reaching over a million people - and that is just the beginning. Let’s keep on moving together!


We believe that true change comes from having an open and positive mindset, wanting to learn and unlearn while collaborating equally with others. With our campaigns, we aim to reveal the complex problems of the fashion industry and shine the light on possible answers. We want to show everyone can become part of the solution, aspiring to give hope in dark times.


Creativity is one of the most powerful traits we as human beings have at our disposal. As an agency, we use creativity to come up with solutions for very complex problems in an unexpected way. We constantly innovate to come up with fresh ideas to address existing issues, change perspectives, and shake up the status quo.

About The Agency

MUMSTER is a groundbreaking conscious campaign agency for pioneers in the fashion industry. We put their inspiring visions into the spotlight to maximize their impact and accelerate positive change in the fashion industry. With our team of highly dedicated and skilled creatives from various backgrounds, we custom design, produce and launch conscious campaigns in the most effective way possible. It is our mission to make sure all necessary elements connect in the right place, reaching the right people at the right time and give everyone involved GOOSEBUMPS! 

About The Founder

MUMSTER was founded by Chanel Trapman in 2016 as a reaction to the failing system of the fashion industry. As a young mother, she was determined to set the right example for the next generation and make an impact on mother earth by bringing revolutionary ideas to life - like MUMSTER. 

Trained as an all-around media professional with vast experience at high-profile advertising agencies, Chanel developed the succesful formula for the MUMSTER campaign game. After discovering the ugly truth about the failing fashion industry, she was determined to reveal the problems and possible solutions with innovative campaigns by putting fashion pioneers in the spotlight and connecting them with consumers and the government to move the industry forward - together.

She believes that successful campaigns should be all about sharing genuine and inspiring stories that truly connect people. Media is a very valuable form of communication we have between people around the world. Let’s use it for a good cause.