How to fix clothes?

Need some help with repairing the button of your jacket that is loose or already gone? Maybe you need to repair some tears in your clothes? A little fixing helps to make your clothing last longer, save some money and you get the most out of your clothing. In the meantime you are also taking care of the environment by making your item circular. So check your closet for items that need some repairing and we will guide you how to enjoy your items again. And no worries, no fashion design degree or any sewing skills are needed to fix your own clothes. These steps can be done by anyone.

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Concious Fashion Event Calendar

Every first day of the month we publish our conscious calendar with workshops, masterclasses and events about conscious fashion. We will list them for you so you don't have to search for events yourself anymore. You can find the whole calendar here. In this article we highlight some of our favorite events of the months October and November.

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A guide to recycling fashion in a sustainable way

No matter how sustainable or minimal you are with your wardrobe, the time will always come when some fashion pieces need to go. We might all remember the odd season when Marie Kondo made kissing clothes goodbye a global trend, and many charity shops and textile recycling bins couldn’t take the increased load of preloved items. While these are legitimate ways of recycling fashion, some options are more sustainable than others. Here’s our guide to recycling your clothing in the most sustainable ways possible.

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