Navigating Transparency and Regulation in the Fashion Industry : Key organizations pushing for change

Transparency has been a key theme in the sustainable fashion movement for a while now and we believe it’s a crucial step, a key element to achieve sustainability, especially in the context of fashion, an industry with long and fragmented supply chains.

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Human Rights in Fashion Supply Chains And How Brands Can Respect Them

The fashion industry is often associated with human rights violations, particularly in countries in the global south where most of our garments are produced. we wanted to shine a light on the conditions of women in fashion supply chains and offer brands solutions to ensure no one is harmed whilst making their clothes.

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5 groundbreaking Fashion Pioneers we met at Neonyt Düsseldorf

Last month we had the pleasure to attend Neonyt in Düsseldorf. It was a fantastic experience that allowed us to meet so many inspiring people including some groundbreaking fashion pioneers!

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