Four experts breaking down what is greenwashing and how it can be tackled!

Greenwashing is all over the news, and with multiple brands found guilty of this, there’s often a lot of confusion around this topic, that’s why at MUMSTER we decided to reach out to experts in the field to find out more about this practice.

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What you should know about greenwashing and transparency in the fashion industry

No label can become green overnight; it takes a lot of time and resources. But above all, a fashion brand needs to have true intentions to make sustainable and transparent choices. Rather than truly integrating sustainability into their supply chain, unfortunately, a lot of companies use marketing tactics to paint a greener picture instead. This is what you should know about transparency and greenwashing.

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A sexy and sustainable Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is obviously all about love. Commercial or not, love deserves to be celebrated in a big way as far as we're concerned. We believe that self-love is the most beautiful form of love. What better way to start celebrating yourself than feeling your best and sexiest in underwear that makes you glow? Underwear or lingerie that is comfortable, but also looks very good, creates something powerful.

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