Invest in your initiative's growth with our long-term campaigns!

This may seem self-explanatory, but getting the stage and the attention your initiative deserves is a long-term and ongoing project which requires guidance to set and implement a detailed, extensive strategy. There isn’t an immediate, one-and-done, silver-bullet solution for all your challenges. With this service, our goal is to maximise your positive impact in the fashion industry and future-proof your initiative for long-term success.

Let’s step up to the next level! 


We offer you the closest relationship to achieve your goals. We are MISSION-DRIVEN and, with a 6 or 12 months ongoing collaboration, we will ensure that every service in our contract will get executed successfully to guarantee high-quality results. 


We give you peace of mind that your project is handled effectively. We will ensure that deadlines are met and that your budget is well managed. We will provide regular updates, meetings and overviews each month, as well as project reports to measure the project’s effectiveness and ensure transparency every step of the way.


We believe in building a strong, valuable, authentic relationship with your audience. We will dive into your core business and craft your best message, and based on your needs, we will connect your brand to influencers, relevant events, like-minded pioneers and brand ambassadors.


Our concepts are known for being groundbreaking, creative and authentic. With an ongoing collaboration, we will ensure to keep momentum and increase your impact with every action. Spreading your message on different fronts at the same time will increase your presence, grow your reach and accelerate your positive impact. 


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