Wear Your Values

Osier Studio is a creative, independent brand living for sustainable, timeless and ethical design. All of their products are designed and hand manufactured in Europe with the finest vegan materials. They are constantly exploring innovative ways to remain ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly. Their values care for both our animals and our planet as they pave the footsteps towards our future.

Our chic and classic capsule collections blend effortlessly into your wardrobe. We have your everyday needs covered, with a luxury finish and full of compassion. Dress OSIER up or down, we are flexible – we want you to love our bags as much as we love making them!
They are taking the steps towards building a sustainable future.


Watch the wear our values documentary series on YouTube

#wearmyvalues documentary series in collaboration with 9 influencers

For our #WearingMyValues campaign, we asked inspiring, talented, young creators what drives their lives and creativity and how sustainability and fashion play into that. Each video is dedicated to one content creator, artist, activist or boss babe. They show us around their favorite area in Amsterdam, featuring one of our vegan products. With this campaign, we aim to understand the motivations of inspiring women and their experiences of living a conscious life. It’s an honor to interview all the amazing, accomplished people that chose their sustainable path and support OSIER in their journey.

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