We are so proud of our latest conscious campaign Taking Justice. A campaign we created in collaboration with the ethical and sustainable fashion brand J-LAB3L. We produced the documentary ‘Taking Justice’, created a social media campaign in collaboration with 6 influencers, organised a press event in the EYE FILM MUSEUM which resulted in two press releases so far. We will officially launch this documentary with our official media partner Cosmopolitan NL on April 24. You can subscribe for our newsletter if you want to stay updated with our movements.



Watch the documentary 'Taking Justice'

Social media campagne in collaboration with 6 influencers

Public Relations

Press event in EYE FILM MUSEUM

Sustainability guide

Sustainability guide in collaboration with:

    • COSH!
    • Clean & Unique
    • Fair Wear Foundation
    • Schone Kleren Campagne
    • Fashion for Good
    • De Steek 


Sewing kit from ‘De Steek’

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