We were honored to launch the HIGH HOPES Documentary Campaign during the Dutch Sustainable Fashion week and follow Monique Drent and Laura Suijkerbuijk, the visionary founders behind The Swapshop. The documentary delves into their inspiring quest, unyielding resilience, and indomitable spirit as they work to find solutions to the growing issue of textile waste.


The Campaign

The High Hopes campaign together with The Swapshop company was shaped to inspire everyone from consumers to experts to contribute to the circular textile industry. Together with various partners from the industry, The Swapshop set up the first circular clothing chain in the Netherlands.

The campaign included the launch of “The Puffer”, the very first product of the future circular product line, a documentary of the process, an event in collaboration with various partners and ambassadors and PR to increase the reach. The premiere event of the documentary included an inspiring panel discussion that explored the future of circular fashion and sustainable practices.

The Documentary

The “High Hopes” is a documentary unveiling the power of collaboration and boundless optimism in the fight against textile waste.

In this short documentary we follow the founders of The Swapshop Monique and Laura. When these two enthusiastic born optimists encounter the incredibly high heaps of textile waste, they are determined to do something about this ever-growing textile waste mountain and in good spirits founded The Swapshop, with which they give people the opportunity to exchange clothing and thus reduce textile waste. What first seemed like a very good idea and simple solution turned out to be a challenging journey of constantly discovering new problems, but also new solutions and above all, partners and experts with whom they tirelessly continue to embark on this joint mission to eliminate the textile waste mountains with high hope for a better future.

Watch here the full documentary:

The Event

We celebrated the premiere of the “High Hopes” Documentary during Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, at the United Repair Centre in Amsterdam and it was an outstanding success.

The evening was opened by Kiki Hagen, a prominent member of the D66 party and a big advocate for sustainable fashion, and hosted by the esteemed journalist Susan Sjouwerman. We continued with an engaging talk by the co-founder of The Swapshop, Monique Drent, who shared their extraordinary journey and their inspiring vision for a waste-free fashion future.

After the screening of the “High Hopes” documentary, we delve into the future of circular fashion with an inspiring panel discussion, exploring the challenges and potential solutions. The esteemed panel members included:

Wouter de Waart – Environmental Impact Modeller
Roosmarie Ruigrok – Sustainable Textile Expert
Lotje Beernink – Sales & Partnership Manager at Makers Unite
Monique Drent – Co-Founder of The Swapshop
and the panel moderator – Susan Sjouwerman – A sustainable fashion journalist.
With the inspiring talk, we were truly moved by the thought-provoking conversations that took place.

The energy soared as we wrapped up the evening with an exuberant party celebrating the promise of a sustainable fashion future, mingling with like-minded individuals.

Our Work

We harnessed the power of visual storytelling by skillfully making the documentary, capturing its essence and message. Also, we’ve worked on PR and influencer marketing strategies to amplify our reach.  Finally, we organized and produced the campaign’s launch event, creating a platform for engagement and discussion.

We’re truly grateful to all the inspiring-minded individuals and everyone who contributed to making this campaign a resounding success. This is our unwavering commitment to spreading The Swapshop’s circular vision, inspiring positive change, and championing a more sustainable world.
Together, we are turning “High Hopes” into a reality!


Featured In

We are immensely grateful to all the publications that helped to spread the message of the “High Hopes” Documentary campaign and The Swapshop’s circular vision. Together, we’re making a lasting impact!

JAN Magazine

Bedrock Magazine

Marie Claire

Harpers Bazaar

Fashion United

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