New Optimist is a fashion pioneer based in The Netherlands with a radical approach to change the fashion industry for good in many different ways. We contributed to their successful crowdfunding campaign with which they collected 364.750 euros and thanks to 130 shareholders, they will open their NO-factory this year. In this factory, they will be able to produce clothing in a local, social and circular way. We are very proud to be part of their mission and continue our collaboration in the fashion industry. Keep an eye on future updates!



New Optimist launched a crowdfunding campaign to open the New Optimist (NO) factory in Amsterdam with a clear vision of how fashion should be made: social, local and circular. With this campaign, New Optimist introduces a new fashion era, says NO to the old fashion industry, and YES to working within the limits of our planet and ethics.

We were honoured to contribute to this successful crowdfunding campaign including their crowdfunding video and video series talking about local, social and circular fashion. Each episode addresses the challenges in the fashion industry and New Optimist’s solutions.

Watch the full conversations with  Nelleke Wegdam and Xander Slager, the founders of New Optimist, together with their partners Dominic Sluiter, co-founder of, Gijsbert Koren from We Are Stewards, Bas de Groot from De Regenboog Groep and Erica Jongejans, a candidate in the social workplace:

Episode 1 : NO-Waste. YES-Digital sampling.
As the fashion industry causes a lot of waste and is not yet using new technologies in a responsible way, New Optimist is working on innovative digitization of the local studio based on 3D Design technology, which eliminates various steps of the production process which are very harmful to our planet.

Episode 2 : No-Profit over purpose. YES-Steward Ownership!
Where the old system of the fashion industry puts profit over purpose, New Optimist puts the mission first, working as a steward ownership organization. The ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes are anchored in New Optimist’s DNA and business model, which means their mission can never be compromised.

Episode 3 : NO-Exploitation. YES-Social foundation!
As the fashion industry is known as exploitative, the New Optimist (NO) clothing factory offers a professional production where craftsmen work together with people who need some guidance. This fusion of tasks, talents and backgrounds contributes to the social atmosphere of equality and personal development.

We are so excited to share that New Optimist reached their campaign goal with €364.750, and thanks to 130 shareholders, they will open their factory this year. We celebrate this victory for fashion pioneer New Optimist and celebrate a step closer to making the fashion industry more sustainable!

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