The campaign WE ARE CONNECTED in collaboration with J LABEL, Marie Claire, Tess Milne, Victoria Koblenko and Dr.Kaouthar Darmoni, shows how clothing can connect women worldwide. The campaign consists of a documentary directed by Barbara de Baare, a video-series produced by MUMSTER and articles, a cover shoot and editorial produced by Marie Claire.

Short documentary WE ARE
In this documentary we follow two women in India and Romania, who make the clothes for the J LABEL collections. These women, Sunita and Millie, share what this job means to them. The focus of the film is on being a woman and equality. What many women take for granted, namely opportunities on the labor market and dressing the way you want, is not so obvious to everyone. The documentary highlights the dedication with which Sunita and Millie do their job. In this way, the film connects the maker of the clothing with the wearer.

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The story of Sunita from India
Sunita lives in New Delhi and works at Orient Fashion as a seamstress. She went to work because she longed for independence and wanted to set an example for her children. She comes from a poor family and her mother was the breadwinner. Sunita’s husband initially did not want her to work and thought they should do it with what they had. She persevered anyway and was determined to fulfil her own dreams and ideals. When she tells that her own brother used to call her arrogant because she wanted to be independent, she gets emotional. Sunita is very proud that her children can now go to a private school thanks to her income. In addition, her family admires her for her perseverance and she is an example for many girls around her. Sunita believes that we can connect women with each other if we wear the clothes made with love by other women with care and attention.

The story of Millie from Romania
Millie lives in Metis, a village in Romania with 200 inhabitants. Most inhabitants of Metis live in a self-sufficient way: they have learned to work with nature and they turn all available crops into natural products for care and maintenance. As a little girl, Millie learned to crochet in school and she is very proud that her traditional crafts are now sold all over the world. It was her aunt who inspired Millie to start working herself, earn your own money and develop yourself. She was therefore very happy when she got the opportunity to work in a company where she could make beautiful products with other women through needlework from the wool of the herds in the village.

The aim of this campaign, consisting of a short documentary and a video series with Tess Milne, Victoria Koblenko and Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni, is to connect women worldwide through clothing. We are all women, we are all equal. We all deserve to be respected, recognized and appreciated for who we are and for the choices we make ourselves.

Tess: “We never know who makes our clothes. I had a feeling it was being printed, it’s so far away from you. Now I see that dress I’m wearing in the movie, it’s very special. I am not aware of the life behind a piece of clothing at all. I really love seeing the joy and independence that comes from making that garment.”

Victoria: “Seeing the film touches me and it makes me realize how close we all really are through a piece of clothing. Even though these women are on the other side of the world, I kind of feel I am there.”

Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni: “What J LABEL does is essential. It has to do with the essential value of care. Not producing in India because it’s cheap, but to ensure that the women can be economically independent. To make something beautiful and connect the women in the West with the women there.”

Watch video series here.

For this campaign we collaborated with media partner Marie Claire. They published three articles and together we produced a cover shoot and eight pages editorial, including a candid interview with Tess Milne.

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Check out the editorial here.

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