We are so proud of our latest conscious campaign ‘SOW & GROW’. A campaign we created in collaboration with the circular clothing rental initiative PALANTA. We believe it is crucial to help circular fashion initiatives become more visible in the fashion industry, for the market and the consumer. In this way we can all contribute to a more circular fashion industry. The Dutch government wants to run on a circular economy by 2050. So everyone needs to take their part. That is why we were honored to produce this important campaign in collaboration with circular fashion initiative PALANTA.
We produced the documentary series ‘SOW & GROW’, created a social media campaign in collaboration with 9 influencers, organized a press event in Cafè de Ceuvel in Amsterdam which resulted in an article on Vogue NL. We will officially launch all episodes in the coming weeks. You can subscribe for our newsletter if you want to stay updated with our movements.



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Campaign in collaboration with 9 inspiring women

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Press event at Café de Ceuvel

The official launch of PALANTA took place in Café de Ceuvel in Amsterdam. It was our goal to put together a program that was really worth the investment of the valuable time of the guests.

Of course we started the program with introducing the founder Sara Toth and the idea behind PALANTA. Then we invited Ida Kakisina and Lois Kruidenier to introduce the documentary series and tell the audience why they decided to participate.

After the documentary series it was time to explore the Green Catwalk as the guests where the models themselves. On the Green Catwalk they could discover the sustainable and ethical fashion brands from PALANTA on the live models, who were sharing the story behind the brands.

PALANTA has a holistic approach and really wants to cover all relevant topics to help women build that sustainable wardrobe and life. Therefore we invited experts Andrea Orsag, Florine Duif and Hanneke Peeters to learn the women more about mindfulness, female leadership and of course circular fashion.

We closed the amazing sunny day outside with a good organic glass of wine and vegan bites. All thanks to Café de Ceuvel who were the best host to make this launching event such a great success!

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