The Circular Movement

With ‘The Circular Movement’ we are campaigning for a 100% circular fashion industry. In collaboration with Serendipity Vintage Dreamer we want to break all stigma’s around vintage and second hand clothing.
Featuring circular fashion expert Rachel Cannegieter and inspiring people like Mandy Woelkens, Cathelijne Blok, Sara Dubbeldam and Chloe Chanté Leenheer.


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Breaking all stigmas
This documentary series breaks down all the outdated stigmas around secondhand and vintage clothing that still linger today and inspires people to think differently and act consciously in the fashion industry. 

Featuring leading circular fashion expert Rachel Cannegieter from Rethink Rebels as well as other inspiring people with love for vintage fashion like Mandy Woelkens, Chloe Leenheer, and Sara Dubbeldam the documentary takes you on a journey to illustrate why it is essential to buy less new clothing and prove to you that there is absolutely no reason to not fall in love with secondhand and vintage clothing yourself. Serendipity Vintage Dreamer shows you how versatile vintage truly is and that it might be even more valuable than new clothing. What’s more, the trendy tide is turning as many state that buying only new pieces is the old-fashioned way of dressing up. 

Founders Serendipity Vintage Dreamer Andrea & Liseth: “With The Serendipity Movement, we aim to change the fashion industry together by re-inventing vintage as we know it, giving clothing a new life and shifting to zero waste.”

Serendipity Vintage Dreamer
Founded in Amsterdam in 2019, Serendipity Vintage Dreamer is a rising curated vintage studio for the modern woman. The word Serendipity stands for “an unplanned fortunate discovery” as it often goes with the secondhand and vintage finds. Founders Liseth and Andrea have combined a dozen years of fashion expertise in both business and design. One lucky Serendipity moment brought them together, and SVD was born. What connected them was their extraordinary love and passion for vintage and their unstoppable drive to make the fashion world 100% circular.

100% circular
SVD studio is not just a vintage collection but an original circular fashion initiative with a highly innovative concept driven by an ambitious mission. With their 100% circular approach, they collect and modify secondhand and vintage pieces into their signature styles as well as design a new zero-waste collection made of high-quality leftover materials from scratch. All in all, SVD has put forth three distinctive collection lines that set the studio apart from the rest of the vintage ventures.  

The Circular Movement
The very first episode of the four-part documentary series ‘The Circular Movement’ is dropping on October 9. From then launching every two weeks, you can tune in for the next episode on YouTube. In the series, the founders of Serendipity Vintage Dreamer, Liseth and Andrea, will share their ambitious vision about reimagining the fashion industry from the ground up. Additionally, leading circular fashion expert Rachel Cannegieter will explain what circular fashion means and why the transition to a 100% circular industry needs to happen sooner rather than later. On top of that, inspiring role models like Sara Dubbeldam and Cathelijne Blok will reveal why they are captivated by fashion and how to break all the existing stigmas around secondhand and vintage clothing for good.

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