Another way to show solidarity is through the very clothes we wear.

In such turbulent times as these, it’s essential to show solidarity with one another. Whether it is giving a smile to a kind stranger, buying groceries for your elderly neighbors, or joining your friends at a peaceful protest.

Another way to show solidarity is through the very clothes we wear. Worldwide, one of the six people is working in the fashion industry: from store owners to designers, cotton farmers, brand teams, factory workers, artists, influencers, mill laborers, journalists, or stylists. In the (fashion) world, no one can exist without one another. We are all interconnected. We are all one.

The decision to show solidarity is the start. To follow through on it is an everyday task.

That is why MUMSTER joined forces with a selected group of conscious fashion initiatives to SHOW SOLIDARITY and give you a chance to do the same. Together with O My Bag, SCOON, Dawn Denim, The Blind Spot, Vintage Vêtements, and The Collection One, we have created a continuously evolving magazine with inspiring stories about the chosen projects, including editorial videos, breathtaking visuals, and captivating blog posts. Read our blog for information about the participating initiatives.

The underlying concept of the campaign is Earth as our home. This planet is something everyone has in common and what connects us all. From garment workers in Bangladesh protesting for a living wage to a sustainable boutique owner in Amsterdam hoping this crisis will pass quickly, we are ultimately all striving for a fairer, more sustainable fashion world. Because after all, Earth is our home, and we should treat it and every human in it as such. 

To keep this timeless message alive, the Show Solidarity magazine is going to be updated with new uplifting content every week during the months of June and July. Follow the MUMSTER Instagram or sign up for the newsletter to not miss any updates.

Mumster teamed up with several sustainable brands and initiatives to illustrate what it means to show solidarity in the time of crisis. We might still live in a world where struggle and injustice linger, but the tide is turning. What the current Corona crisis exposed is that we must work together to be the change we want to see in the world. One of the #ShowSolidarity initiatives is DAWN DENIM, a Berlin-based sustainable brand whose denim is fairly made in their own factory in Vietnam. 

Showing Solidarity at DAWN DENIM
Founded 5 years ago by Marian von Rappard, DAWN was born out of one conviction: to change the fashion industry. From the responsibility towards the environment to the fair and ethical treatment of their employees, DAWN DENIM works hard every single day to raise a bar by looking for something to change for the better. These rooted values were not formed on a fleeting trend but a tenacious attitude of the team behind the DAWN brand.

DAWN was born out of one conviction: to change the fashion industry. 

Complete transparency & People first 

What sets DAWN apart is the complete transparency of the entire supply chain. DAWN DENIM shares every single production step in their manufacturing process, the exact origin of the raw materials, thorough factory audits, awarded certificates as well as the social and ecological indicators of all of their denim items. How do they share all these facts? With RESPECT CODE, a QR code that is attached to each of their clothes. RESPECT CODE is the place where you’ll find answers to burning questions like where the jeans were made and under what conditions, who grew the cotton, who dyed the fabric, or who sewed the particular piece. 

One of the reasons DAWN DENIM has answers to all these meticulous questions is their factory located in Saigon, Vietnam. Having the unique opportunity to rely on their production, DAWN sets an example of a fairly run factory in the heart of South-east Asia by putting people first in every part of the supply chain. Not only that their factory employees are paid according to the living wage index, but they are also given an active voice when it comes to desired changes in the factory. The perfect example is the Candy Machine that, based on what button you press, gives an anonymous answer to a question being asked at that moment while getting a piece of candy in return.

Undoubtedly, it is no surprise that DAWN is the only company that has achieved 100/100 points in the Brand Performance Check of the Fair Wear Foundation, an umbrella organization that fights for fair working conditions in the fashion industry.

It is no surprise that DAWN is the only company that has achieved 100/100 points in the Brand Performance Check of the Fair Wear Foundation.


[Dew] A wide leg
High waist fit, lightweight denim

Flared Jeans
61% organic cotton
Peta approved

A new DENIM for a new DAWN
DAWN represents a new way of producing denim. As Marian, the founder of DAWN DENIM, points out: “DAWN is for me not just a brand but rather a bridge between the consumer and the manufacturer. If people come to the factory, you can feel it, you can breathe it.”

DAWN also takes seriously the environmental impact that is an inevitable by-product of denim production. With their low impact jeans line, DAWN has been striving to become 100% sustainable. Starting with raw materials, DAWN uses only organic cotton free of any pesticides and underpaid labor as well as recycled polyester as opposed to making virgin materials. To avoid additional chemicals and use the least amount of water possible, they also simulate the jeans washing effect designs with a laser machine as well as adopt other newest environmentally friendly washing methods out there.

All in all, DAWN’s well-fitted jeans do not only stand for a sustainable fashion item but a tangible action to a fairer, more equal world. Show solidarity by taking a look at the DAWN collection on their website.

DEW - Flared, Organic Lightweight Denim


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Showing solidarity has never been more essential than now. The year 2020 is already rewriting history books without even crossing the half-year mark. One of the ways to show solidarity is by voting with our money for the world we want to see. Even on Instagram, the Shop locally shout-outs were trending for a few days. But where to begin?

With opening their flagship store at the very beginning of this turbulent year, Vintage Vêtements stands for refined, exquisite vintage fashion accessible to all. And they’re not backing down in the middle of this storm.

Showing Solidarity at Vintage Vêtements
Located in the rustic warehouse in Eindhoven, Vintage Vêtements was born out of love for unique vintage clothing. Ilja van den Berg, an avid vintage shopping fan, joined forces with Jeroen (full name of the male founder), who has vast experience with vintage furniture design, to create a vibrant space that is in harmony with humanity and the future. By being an accessible alternative to exploitative fast-fashion chains, Vintage Vêtements plays a crucial role in making our choices more sustainable to keep the future of our planet alive.

Vintage Vêtements stands for refined, exquisite vintage fashion accessible to all.

Quality over quantity

Uniqueness is the word that defines Vintage Vêtements. Their refined, exquisite items are curated for those who are unapologetically themselves. With such an emphasis on good quality, most of their vintage selection comes from the European labels, especially from French and Italian brands with the rich history of handcrafting fashion pieces to perfection. One of the decisive criteria is fabric, only choosing the finest, long-lasting materials that embody the right feel and look of Vintage Vêtements. Selected for their personality rather than the trendiness, the vintage pieces found at this conscious store are ready to wear, yet so exceptional that you can’t find anything similar in any other store even if you tried. 

With sustainability on her heart, Ilya decided to build a little vintage fashion world that is welcoming and accessible to everyone who comes through its doors. From the diverse collection of vintage items to the fair price-to-quality ratio, Vintage Vêtements goes beyond captivating the typical vintage fashion enthusiast, making sure each age group and gender find something that they adore. Using the grand space of the industrial warehouse, vintage pieces are finally well organized as in any high-end boutique. Resounding tranquility fills the room as the selection is logically and minimally displayed to make looking for the right item exciting and easy.

Selected for their personality rather than the trendiness, the Vintage Vêtements pieces are ready to wear, yet so exceptional that you can’t find anything similar in any other store even if you tried.

Upwards and onwards

While the Eindhoven store is up only for a few months, Vintage Vêtements is tirelessly working toward its expansive vision for its sustainable endeavor. Located in such a unique industrial venue, Ilya van den Berg and Jeroen Ham set to transform the store into a cultural multidisciplinary space. One of the projects is already in the works: turning one of the walls into an art exhibition spot for young and up-and-coming artists that fight for the same better world that Vintage Vêtements stands for. Additionally, they see the warehouse as a perfect event point for fashion shows of talented fashion designers, sustainability-related discussions with activists and experts, exhibition openings of their own art wall, and anything else in between.

When all the stores had to close down for a while due to the Coronavirus, Vintage Vêtements turned this challenge into an opportunity and came up with an original solution to bring the vintage selection to everyone in the Netherlands – via Instagram. On the Vintage Vêtements profile, all the brand-new vintage pieces are added to their story highlights for you to browse through, pick your favorite vintage item, and get it delivered to your doorsteps. For their upcoming events, it’s absolutely a treat to check out their unique vintage store and get inspired by their unique vintage pieces. After all, Vintage Vêtements takes the word “uniqueness” to the next level.


Pala Meria Sunglasses
Cheritable – Vegan


  • Can be used with prescription lenses through your local optician
  • Sustainable case woven from recycled plastic bags and waste
  • 100% UVA protection
  • Medium sized: Bridge width: 15 mm; Lens width: 58 mm

It’s been three months since the whole world has stopped in its tracks. As things are slowly going back to normal, from opening the restaurants, working from the office, or meeting more than two people at once, the timely message of showing solidarity is more relevant than ever. With the quarter of the expected earnings erased, small fair brands are hopeful that this new normal will help them bridge the gap and grow them into a loud, change-making voice in the fashion industry. 

One of the initiatives that give such pivotal brands a platform is SCOON, the online destination for the modern Brands That Care.

Showing Solidarity at SCOON

Founded by Guusje Wentrup and Marloes Garben, a Dutch duo with decades of experience in the world of beauty and fashion, the mission of SCOON is to introduce you to exciting new brands and help you make the switch to sustainable fashion and beauty. The brand name itself illustrates the foundation that SCOON is built on. SCOON comes from the Dutch word ‘schoon’ that embodies a perfect double meaning. It stands for clean, but it can also mean beautiful.

What makes this online store unique? Shopping with SCOON means you’ll always be in good company. SCOON discovers and handpicks authentic labels from around the world that are making a real difference – whether it’s related to your skin, the earth, or overlooked communities. All brands have been carefully selected based on the SCOON thorough criteria, making sure each label cares about people and the planet.

Shopping with SCOON means you’ll always be in good company.

SCOON values & principles

What truly differentiates SCOON is its timeless values that the founders have weaved into each area of their conscious endeavor. Transparency, responsibility, and sustainability are the principles that SCOON and all its partner brands have in common. Before choosing any brand on their website, they first try and thoroughly test each item to only offer you the very best. Additionally, certifications and other independent rating projects such as COSMOS, Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX, or B Corp play an important role in assessing the authenticity of the brand. 

But that’s not all. Considering ethical practices, animal welfare, and sustainability efforts is a must when curating the finest labels. On top of that, SCOON lists additional criteria as a fair filter for picking the brands that truly care, values such as organic, recycled, made in Europe, small-batch, or vegan.

When it comes to clean beauty, well-defined parameters are essential. For SCOON, ‘clean’ means cruelty-free, non-toxic, and free from harmful toxic ingredients like parabens, sulfates, PEGs, and mineral oils. On their website, you can find the full list of chemicals which they scan all the beauty products for. 

Ultimately, SCOON stands for the thrilling online world with the finest brands that care, becoming your personal fashion guide that helps you through the transition to clean beauty and sustainable style. Once you set on a journey to consciousness and sustainability, SCOON is the right destination for you. 

Discover the curated collection of sustainable fashion & clean beauty at the SCOON store.

The Dancing Skirt

Small badge - Upcycled 


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The first half of the year 2020 is almost behind us, what a crazy ride it has been. The world is changing in front of our eyes, and it is ultimately up to every one of us to make the change a good one. In a couple of years, we will be asked: “How was the historical year 2020 for you?” Let’s make sure the story we tell is the one full of hope, solidarity, and new beginnings. 

That is also why Show Solidarity Magazine was born – to turn this year on its head and show hope never dies even in the craziest of circumstances. Another renowned fair brand that joined this ride is the Amsterdam based O My Bag. After all, the bag you carry tells a story, let it be a good one, too.

Showing Solidarity at O My Bag

Fulfilling her dream since 2011, the O My Bag founder Paulien Wesselink wanted to set up a social enterprise that would not only become profitable but also give back by approaching business in a fair and sustainable way. This attitude is at the very core of the O My Bag philosophy. 

Truly, O My Bag sets an example of what the fashion industry can be. By investing in people and our planet, you make a difference by wearing a difference. This fair label specifically contributes to small communities in India. So far, they have positively impacted 5613 lives with various social projects in India, including in total of 783 well-paid and steady jobs in the partner factories. And this is just the beginning. Dreaming bigger, O My Bag aims to positively change 100 000 lives in India by 2025.

Minimizing the impact of production on the planet is one of the essential pursuits that O MY BAG has embarked on. One of the many noteworthy decisions they have made is using a unique kind of ECO-leather to craft their beautiful bags. Thanks to a cleaner and safer tanning process, a reduced carbon footprint, and the leather sourcing, an O My Bag is a piece that you can flaunt without guilt. As an example serves the Dirty Harry bag design that thanks to the innovative sustainable tanning practices, a total of 35.7g of hazardous chemicals are avoided per each piece.

The timelessness

If O My Bag wants to be known for something, it would be for its timeless designs and timeless values. Doing good will never get out of style, nor do the refined elegance of O My Bag pieces. To take it one step further, O My Bag started its pre-loved library last year, where you can buy their timeless designs second-hand. In 2019 alone, this circular initiative saved 255 bags from landfills. 

The renowned label O My Bag stands as a shining example of a successful social enterprise that paves the way for establishing a fairer fashion system. Changing the world one bag at a time is not only a slogan but also an authentic promise that O My Bag wants to fulfill as many times as possible. 

Made for her and for him, you can choose from various sustainable O My Bag designs, from shoppers, clutches, or crossbody bags to satchels, backpacks, and weekenders. Looking good by making a difference has never been easier. Shop new arrivals or dive in the Sustainability Report on the O My Bag website

Nano Bag


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The Collection One

Corona crisis might be slowly fading in most places, but its impact will be felt for months to come. It’s up to us to make the impact a good one. From campaigning for the equal society to returning to a new normal that helps combat the threat of climate change, there are many ways to take a chance on the year 2020.

That is also the attitude of The Collection One, a slow fashion boutique that opened the doors to its first store in March this year, housing a curated selection of sustainable brands and subtle vintage classics in natural and soft tones.

Showing Solidarity at The Collection One

Even before opening its first physical location, The Collection One has been showing solidarity in the fashion industry by standing for the exquisite quality of garments that keeps on giving. With her impeccable eye for detail, the founder Lisa Schotman carefully curates items made of beautiful fabrics and materials that you can wear and keep forever. Each piece in The Collection One selection meets two criteria – being unique and yet never going out of style. 

On top of that, Lisa aspires to show the intrinsic beauty of clothes and recognize every individual connected in crafting the finest garments. As she explains in her own words: “With The Collection One, I want to show the beauty of clothes. The vintage items are so well made, that I want to highlight them and show that they are easy to combine in a modern way together with items from sustainable brands.”

Another underlining theme of The Collection One is uncompromising transparency. From materials to brands, each aspect of the garment is out in the open. By Signe, Rita Row, or Cus are just a few sustainable labels that you can find in this authentic store. No matter if new or vintage, all items are made with love and eye for good quality. Investing in these items means you can wear them for a long time.

Calm & Natural
What differentiates this boutique is the mellowness in its nature and color. All its curated classics reveal a surprisingly wide spectrum of natural and soft tones. Additionally, the brands that The Collection One houses, use natural fibers and techniques minimizing the impact on the planet. Breathing calm and natural vibe also means the neutrally colored selection for everyone, offering different sizes and items for all genders.

Overall, The Collection One embodies a lifestyle. It may have started with selling clothes, but now The Collection One also carries interior items and plans on curating more pieces that fit this calm and mellow mood. When daydreaming, Lisa imagines producing its own collection as well as opening a cafe where you can drink slow coffee. Rest assured, there is more to come. 

All in all, The Collection One is a sustainable store and a webshop that the customer can visit to find a selection of carefully selected brands and vintage items in soft and natural colors. Take a look at the summer collection on its website and make sure to visit its very first boutique store in Amsterdam.

Beige short Tencel jumpsuit from Rita Row€160,00

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