The #ShowSolidarity magazine: We are all one.

By Martina Novàkovà

In such turbulent times as these, it’s essential to show solidarity with one another. Whether it is giving a smile to a kind stranger, buying groceries for your elderly neighbors, or joining your friends at a peaceful protest.

Another way to show solidarity is through the very clothes we wear. Worldwide, one of the six people is working in the fashion industry: from store owners to designers, cotton farmers, brand teams, factory workers, artists, influencers, mill laborers, journalists, or stylists. In the (fashion) world, no one can exist without one another. We are all interconnected. We are all one. 

That is why MUMSTER joined forces with a selected group of conscious fashion initiatives to SHOW SOLIDARITY and give you a chance to do the same. Together with O My Bag, SCOON, Dawn Denim, The Blind Spot, Vintage Vêtements, and The Collection One, we have created a continuously evolving magazine with inspiring stories about the chosen projects, including editorial videos, breathtaking visuals, and captivating blog posts.

No one can exist without the other. We are all interconnected. We are all one.

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DAWN Denim
Founded 5 years ago, DAWN was born out of one conviction: to change the fashion industry. With the headquarters in Berlin and their own factory in Saigon, DAWN makes the entire production chain transparent, from sharing every production step to knowing the exact origin of the raw materials, conducting factory audits, and receiving certificates as well as keeping in check the social and ecological indicators of their denim items. No wonder it is the only company that has achieved 100/100 points in the Brand Performance Check of the Fair Wear Foundation. What sets them apart? For them, changing the fashion world is not a trend, but an attitude.

O My Bag
Make a difference by wearing a difference. Based in Amsterdam, O My Bag has gained a reputation by changing the world one bag at a time. As their tagline famously says: “The bag you carry tells a story, let it be a good one.” The O My Bag story is about making a positive difference by connecting producers in small communities to the global market and creating fair job opportunities. Not only that, O My Bags are fairly made and crafted from eco-friendly leather and other sustainable materials.

SCOON is the online destination for modern Brands That Care. Founded by a Dutch duo Guusje Wentrup and Marloes Garben as an antidote to fast fashion and toxic beauty, the SCOON’s mission is to introduce you to exciting new brands that care about people and planet and help you to make the switch to sustainable fashion and beauty. In other words, shopping with SCOON means you’ll always be in good company.

In such turbulent times as these, it's essential to show solidarity with one another. 

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Vintage Vêtements
Vintage Vêtements was born out of love for unique vintage clothing. With their flagship store in Eindhoven, Vintage Vêtements stands for quality clothing, beautiful fabrics as well as trendy items and timeless classics. They are always on the lookout for the most exquisite items, from neat cowboy boots to an elegant silk dress. Curating vintage treasures for both men and women, Vintage Vêtements is for everybody, who is unapologetically themselves. 

The Blind Spot
Launched by Chantal Braam in 2018, The Blind Spot is an accessible and refined platform with sustainable fashion, accessories, and lifestyle items. Ingrained in the name, The Blind Spot believes in a world where people are truly aware that clothes are made by people like us, unfortunately working usually in harsh conditions – which can be our blind spot. Thanks to this online space, The Blind Spot highlights ethical and sustainable brands that contribute to a more just world that works for everyone.

The Collection One
Handpicked with love for good quality, The Collection One is an independent boutique that houses a curated selection of sustainable brands and subtle vintage classics in natural and soft tones. With opening their first location in Amsterdam this year, The Collection One wants to show the beauty of clothes, highlighting how the vintage items are so well made and easy to combine with the sustainable brand collections. Breathing a calm and natural vibe, this boutique stands for high quality and transparency while focusing on sustainable and long-lasting items you can wear, keep, and cherish forever.

The decision to show solidarity is the start. To follow through on it is an everyday task. That is why the Show Solidarity magazine is alive and updated every week during June and July to amplify the message. Follow the campaign on the MUMSTER Instagram or sign up for the newsletter below to get notified about Show Solidarity magazine updates.

Check out The #ShowSolidarity magazine