“I always wanted a brother, but I’m so grateful I could grow up with two sisters. We are so different from each other, our style, our looks. But at the core, we are the same. We are a part of womanhood, or sisterhood really.” - Alisson Simmonds on womanhood.

There is something magical about empowered women empowering other women. The unofficial club we are all part of called the sisterhood, uniting all the women in the whole wide world. As Sisterhood, we rise by lifting each other. Knowing no competition, celebrating our differences, and helping one another to become our very best selves. 

Together we have fought and won many battles, from getting the right to vote to carving our upright place in the modern workplace. Yet, there are still some crucial battles to win, both in the outer world and in our inner selves. From accepting our uniquely beautiful bodies, to stopping comparing and highlighting our insecurities, to standing up for the overworked garment workers in the fashion industry, of whom the significant majority are women. One thing is sure: we can win all the battles when we do it together. 

Chanel Trapman X Alisson Simmonds

For the third issue of the Show Solidarity magazine, the founder of MUMSTER Chanel and sustainable fashion blogger Alisson have united to share their take on women empowerment and body positivity, opening up about their own insecurities and victories alike. 

Both being young moms, Alisson and Chanel candidly talk about their personal story of loving their body through all the seasons of life, and what becoming a mother taught them about being a woman. All in all, they are true inspirations when it comes to their authentic life lessons and humble triumphs.

Alisson is a sustainable fashion blogger and a mother of her daughter Luna. She decided to do something about the exploitative fashion industry when she found out that so many women, mostly mothers themselves, were treated poorly and worked under harsh conditions. With her platform, she is standing up for them by highlighting fairly made clothing and encouraging everyone to shop second-hand as well.

Women for Women

Show Solidarity #3 is all about women supporting women in all possible ways. As entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, women have the power to turn the outdated business processes upside down and change how the fashion world runs at this point. Consider this: There are about 50 million women employed in the fashion industry worldwide. From garment workers to cotton pickers to retail workers. What if we could empower all of them by the choices we make every day?

MUMSTER is thrilled to have partnered up with the brightest examples of fair & inclusive fashion labels that are genuinely part of the change, walking the talk and making sure no women are left behind. After all, we as consumers can help other women in every corner of the earth by consuming more consciously, appreciating what has already been made, and supporting sustainable brands that care about them as much as we do. 

“I had to find more love for my body hair. Growing up, I didn’t see anyone else with so much hair, I felt different. All the models, all the ads, I never saw that. But in the end, I started to love it. By accepting my body hair, a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I realized I was striving for the perfect body that doesn’t exist.” - Alisson on body positivity

The body positivity movement has exploded in recent years, spearheaded by inspiring women of all sizes, colours, and backgrounds. When we as women realized that the “perfect” body is merely a marketing tool for brands to sell us something to make us feel better about ourselves, the airbrushed images suddenly hit differently. 

Talking openly about her own experience, Alisson always struggled with accepting her body hair because she couldn’t see anyone looking alike – either in her surroundings or in the media. Ever since her teenage years, she tried to hide it and spent a lot of money and energy on removing this body trait. This journey to the hairless body became so consuming that it started to affect her mental health. But in the end, over the years, she started loving this natural feature of hers. By accepting her body hair, a weight was lifted off her shoulders. Later she realized that she was striving for the perfect body that doesn’t even exist. 

The Lingerist

“All of the women that you see on our website are not professional models. Women with beautifully imperfect and diverse bodies. To me, it’s important to show lingerie on women who we can all relate to. Because none of us are perfect but we are all beautiful.”

What sets The Lingerist apart is that they never use professional models in their content but only real women and real bodies as the standard of beauty. Instead of the full-on product shoots, they send out their lingerie selection to real women to take pictures of themselves wearing their pieces, while giving them full creative freedom over the final imagery. If they want to show stretch marks or body hair or a hint of nipples, they have the power to decide on their own, making every visual authentic and relatable. 

“I used to be super insecure about the fact that I don't have boobs, and also my stretch marks. But now I fully accept my small boobs, and I am really grateful for my figure and bootie. I feel this is really me, my body fits me perfectly, and I totally accept myself.” - Chanel on body positivity

What started as frustration to limited lingerie options out there, The Lingerist grew into a powerful conscious voice of women empowerment and body positivity through such an ordinary thing as underwear. Don’t get us wrong – The Lingerist curated collection is anything but ordinary. 

From bright colours to extraordinary lace designs, you can find anything that you ever dreamt of on their website. Feminine and fairly made, The Lingerist only offers sustainable and ethical lingerie that is also affordable. What’s more, all the lingerie items are made by small, independent brands all over the world, still mostly producing in cosy ateliers. And they never stop looking for other breathtaking lingerie labels that make something unique and innovative. After all, their mission is to serve the lingerie desires of women of all backgrounds, tastes, and sizes.

Embrace yourself
If we are truly honest with ourselves, everyone has a part of their body for which they need to find more love. In Chanel’s case, it was her boobs and stretch marks after giving birth to her son Mick. She frankly admits she used to feel insecure about these body elements, but now she learnt to embrace her body and completely love her uniquely beautiful figure. 

All in all, The Lingerist offers you the best collection of the most exciting independent lingerie brands while making you feel good about yourself. Browse through their beautiful selection and make sure to follow them on Instagram.

“Comparing myself with other women makes me feel insecure. Especially on social media. It can really distract me from my own path, making me insecure about what I am doing in comparison to others. It can give me the feeling that I am not good enough, that I am focusing on the wrong things, or making the wrong decisions.” - Chanel on her insecurities

There is probably not one woman in the world that has not felt insecure at one point in her life. Factoring in the rise of Instagram and other social media platforms, we are daily bombarded with the overly curated and unrealistic image of the perfect lives to which our unfiltered reality seems rather ordinary. Opening about her own insecurities, Chanel pinpointed the root of this never-ending struggle – comparing herself to other women.

When Inge van Meer took over the online boutique BOTTINES at the end of last year, she realized she needed to make it her own. BOTTINES as a brand has already existed for a few years, with Inge being one of the loyal customers. Frustrated at her previous job, she decided to adopt this promising sustainable label when the founder was looking for someone to pass her cherished business baby and take care of it well. 

This unique occurrence shaped what BOTTINES stands for now and what values it is sharing into the world. Specifically, the mission of this brand is not only to bring beautiful handcrafted designs to the world but primarily to help you find your own style in which you feel good, 100% you. For BOTTINES, it’s not about comparing yourself or your fashion items to what others wear or looking out for the latest trends, but finding what you like and investing in fashion pieces that will last years. As an ethical brand, BOTTINES focuses less on trends but on timeless and high-quality items produced in a sustainable and fair way and with respect for people and the environment. For them, being an ethical brand is their number 1 priority, and that will never change. 

Local crafts(wo)manship

What separates BOTTINES from the rest of sustainable shoe & accessory brands is their singular emphasis of local craftsmanship. All their handmade production is done by family businesses with centuries-old passed-down techniques and crafts specific for the region. From the sandals made in the Greek Peloponnesos to the Moroccan raffia mules crafted by a women’s collective in Essaouira, Inge builds personal relationships with all her producers and visits their ateliers regularly to co-design new products exclusively for BOTTINES. 

Talking about women empowerment, the women’s collective in Morocco is an exquisite example of how fashion can bring a societal change – one woman at a time. This collective was founded to empower local women to finance themselves. Currently, about 15 women work together to make handcrafted shoes from palm leaves. They mostly work from home and at their own time, making it easier to combine their work and family.

“I feel insecure when I don’t get something I want. First, I feel sad, but then I let the feeling be and start looking at the positive side of things. In the end, it’s maybe for the best as something better might come along in the future.” - Alisson on her insecurities

Finding your own style is not only about looking good in what you wear. It is one of many ways to embrace yourself and tell the world who you are. As in Alisson’s case, when insecurities arise from rejections or unmet expectations, knowing who we are and embracing ourselves with all our feelings coming from within helps us keep our powerful vision intact. Inge herself explains it best.

“Through your clothes, you can show who you are and what you stand for. With Bottines, I want to inspire everyone to find their own style. Finding out what are the items that help you embrace yourself. Finding it out helps you reach your goals in life.”

In short, BOTTINES is an ethical choice that you can trust and feel good about. Everything is made to last, crafted with love and to the tiniest detail by someone with years, if not decades of experience. Discover all the handmade gems on BOTTINES website and check their Instagram for more about finding your own style.

Now in December, BOTTINES is donating 5% of their revenue for all the gloves sold this month to the organizations working with refugees in the Netherlands and Greece. Take a look at their gloves collection here.

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Feeling confident is such an evergreen topic for women of all ages. How many self-help books have been written, how many TEDx talks have been spoken, and how much well-meant advice has been given on this very issue. The truth is one size doesn’t fit all, and the path to authentic confidence might look different for everyone. But where it usually starts is by trusting and loving yourself before you get there. 

“I feel confident when I have everything under control, including my emotions and my presence. But now I realize that being confident has nothing to do with feeling confident when you have everything under control. It is about trusting and loving yourself, when you don’t have everything under control when you make mistakes and when you sometimes look like sh*t.” – Chanel on feeling confident 

Taking Justice

When Judith and Janneke decided to start their own fashion label, they knew the new venture must be as sustainable and transparent as possible. As two lawyers with little fashion experience, they didn’t go by the fashion industry rules because they didn’t know them in the first place. With the bold vision of taking justice in the fashion world, these two first-time entrepreneurs bet everything on how to make their dream possible without compromises instead of thinking of all the impossibilities. Their unconventional approach turned into their utmost advantage and made J-LAB3L an extraordinary outlier even among fair fashion initiatives. Who else launched their first collection with a feature documentary? J-LAB3L did and named it after what they stand for: “Taking Justice”.

“First, a lot of people from the fashion world said that it doesn’t work like this. How we communicated with the factory, that we wanted to meet the people working there. Yet we proved them work.” - Judith, the founder of J-LAB3L

Taking Justice for Women
The J-LAB3L’s mission is to empower women through clothing on both ends of the system while making the process fully transparent. From garment workers to happy customers, they make sure every woman that is connected to their project feels valued and empowered. 

Starting with the factory, Judith and Janneke spent months looking for the perfect match, personally visited and audited several of them with independent experts. Their beautiful clothes are now produced in the ethical and highly credible factory in India, which won, among other certificates, an award for women empowerment. In this enterprise, women work in every layer of the company structure, from the garment workers to the management positions – which is not very common in other factories in India. This impact multiplies beyond the workplace. One of the merchandisers earns enough to support herself and her family, giving her little sister a chance to get educated without her parents going into debt. There are more uplifting stories like these, and that’s why Judith and Janneke are planning to give women in the factory a voice through a soon-to-be-announced project next year.

“When I look in the mirror, I say a mantra, an affirmation, such as: “I’m able to achieve everything I want.” Sometimes I do a superman pose. And then I leave the house with that feeling. Since I started doing this, it gives me a little push of confidence that I might need. Confidence is within you, not waiting on the outside.” - Alisson on feeling confident

In the end, fashion should not signify a guilt trip but rather a symbol of empowerment for all women. Clothes are here to give you the extra bit of confidence for anything you might be facing, and face them in style. J-LAB3L is renowned for its exquisite feminine aesthetic, bold colours, and unique prints that make you feel ready to conquer the world. After all, empowered women empower other women. 

I am confident about my honesty and confident about my urge to always stay true to myself. That does not mean I always know how to stay true to myself, but I will always keep asking myself the right questions and trust my gut feeling when something feels wrong. I feel that I have to listen to my feelings and emotions. As long as I keep listening to my emotions and expressing them, I am confident. - Chanel on feeling confident

To sum up, J-LAB3L is an extraordinary fair fashion brand all about transparency and women empowerment, taking the term “sustainable” to another level. Learn more about their vision by watching the “Taking Justice” documentary and make sure to check their A/W collection and follow them on Instagram.


This crazy year is finally coming to an end, and there is a lot to reflect on. What we have learnt, what we did and didn’t do. The key not only for these unprecedented times is to be proud of yourself no matter what and appreciating anything positive that this year has brought. We are not what we do, and we don’t need to feel proud only when we get a clear goal ticked off. Let’s feel proud and appreciate ourselves and other women around you solely for who they are and who they are becoming.

“I am proud of the honest person I am. I will never lie to myself or someone else. Proud of my vulnerability and the way this is inspiring others to be vulnerable as well, so we can truly connect and stop pretending.” - Chanel on what she is most proud of

The power of women
For OSIER, this year did not go at all as planned. As an established vegan bag brand, the founder Theresa wanted to transition to a full-on vegan luxury house by adding a brand-new clothing collection and jewellery line. Because of Covid, these plans were postponed to 2021, with no clear timeline in mind. With all these hiccups, she was thankful for her strong women team, which was there by her side on the OSIER mission to revolutionise the fashion industry.

“You don’t need to look far to get inspired. My inspiration is our team heads down. During this crazy year, these two women have helped me through the thick and thin. It’s so nice to have a little sisterhood like this. It’s so good to have a women-power community at your fingertips.” - Theresa Jentzsch, founder of OSIER

Slowing down for timelessness
OSIER has always stood for sustainable vegan luxury, but now they’ve added the idea of “slow”. Slow for slowing down and its wholesome appreciation of the process. That also means fully embracing the timeless designs OSIER has already been creating. There aren’t and will never be periodic collections to avoid unnecessary waste and over-production. OSIER only adds a few new refined designs every year that outlive current trends and fill the gap in their timeless collection.

“I’m most proud of myself. How I have been handling life.” - Alisson on what she is most proud of

To bring sustainability to another level, OSIER also decided to produce and source as locally as possible to avoid extensive shipping. That’s why Theresa opted in for partnering with a trustworthy factory in Italy where she already sourced the top apple-leather fabric, plus it’s accessible by car compared to the first factory in Romania. What’s more, there is significant craftsmanship and tradition in the area which upholds the high quality that OSIER strives for its vegan pieces.

This season has shown us there is no reason to rush. Let’s appreciate our own company and the woman who we are becoming with the life that is unfolding in front of our eyes. No matter what happened this year, we can be proud of the fact that we made it till now. 

OSIER is a timeless vegan luxury studio with exciting plans for the next year. Follow their sustainable journey on Instagram and check their current bag collection on the website.

Thrift Tale

This year was anything but ordinary. For the good and the bad, mostly. Whatever the circumstances, choosing joy is one of the most inspiring acts to respond with when life gives you lemons. Making lemonade is only one of many comebacks to sweeten the situation. It’s the little things that activate the unfiltered joy that cracks even the thickest of clouds. 

“What brings me joy is seeing people that are close to me being in their element. I love it when my son is drawing something with full focus or when a friend is photographing in their own bubble. I just enjoy it and really feel it when I see people owning it, when people are confident, in their flow. It gives me goosebumps. - Chanel Trapman on what brings her joy

For ThriftTale, this year took a few surprising turns. As a clothing sorting company, mostly exporting second-hand pieces to other countries, they had to change their initial plans this year altogether. 

Soon after the first lockdown in the Netherlands, the team did a 180 and turned their dedication toward building an online platform where ThirftTale would sell their most high-quality hand-picked items to anyone who likes them. What started as a make-shift idea has turned into a new-found vision for the whole enterprise. Officially launched in August, ThriftTale has its vision crystal clear since the start – to become the biggest second-hand webshop in Europe. Why? That is their ultimate way to contribute toward a more sustainable clothing industry.

“We want second-hand clothing to become a new standard worldwide. We have enough clothing in the world to dress everybody so why produce more.” - Charlotte from ThriftTale

Fighting for women in the fashion industry 
The motivation behind establishing ThriftTale is rooted in fighting against the unjust system of fashion. Still, there are too many clothes that were meticulously crafted by a person, usually a woman, under exploitative conditions of a distant garment factory. For many of us, turning to ethical options seems too limiting in both prices and options. 

That’s where ThriftTale comes in, offering a wide range of affordable second-hand and vintage fashion for women, men, and kids. Talking about options, they intentionally made sure their varied offer is size-inclusive. Meticulously checked for quality and authenticity when it comes to designer pieces, ThriftTale wants you to feel empowered and confident while wearing their second-hand gems, not compromising on style or quality. 

“A lot of things bring me joy. To pose in front of the camera, to see my daughter playing alone, to see my family, to talk to them about anything and nothing. I experience a lot of joyful moments.” - Alisson on what brings her joy

After all, everybody and every body is beautiful, so everyone should feel that way when dressing up, too. It’s one of those little yet significant joys that are more vital than ever. And with endless lockdowns, we recommend adding dressing up even when you have nowhere to your self-care routine. May this spark unfiltered joy and help you get into the festive mood of this holiday season. 

All in all, ThriftTale is a go-to destination for a wide range of handpicked second-hand items accessible to everyone. What’s more, get an exclusive 20% off on your first order with the discount code MUMSTER20. Find your next favourite piece on the ThriftTale website and follow their Instagram for more.