The Show Solidarity magazine #3: Women for Women

By Martina Novàkovà

There is something magical about empowered women empowering other women. The unofficial club we are all part of called the sisterhood, uniting all the women in the whole wide world. As Sisterhood, we rise by lifting each other. Knowing no competition, celebrating our differences, and helping one another to become our very best selves. 

Together we have fought and won many battles, from getting the right to vote to carving our upright place in the modern workplace. Yet, there are still some crucial battles to win, both in the outer world and in our inner selves. From accepting our uniquely beautiful bodies, to stopping comparing and highlighting our insecurities, to standing up for the overworked garment workers in the fashion industry, of whom the significant majority are women. One thing is sure: we can win all the battles when we do it together. 

“I always wanted a brother, but I’m so grateful I could grow up with two sisters. We are so different from each other, our style, our looks. But at the core, we are the same. We are a part of womanhood, or sisterhood really.” - Alisson Simmonds on womanhood.

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Chanel Trapman X Alisson Simmonds
For the third issue of the Show Solidarity magazine, the founder of MUMSTER Chanel and sustainable fashion blogger Alisson have united to share their take on women empowerment and body positivity, opening up about their own insecurities and victories alike.

Both being young moms, Alisson and Chanel candidly talk about their personal story of loving their body through all the seasons of life, and what becoming a mother taught them about being a woman. All in all, they are true inspirations when it comes to their authentic life lessons and humble triumphs.


Women for Women
Show Solidarity #3 is all about women supporting women in all possible ways. As entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, women have the power to turn the outdated business processes upside down and change how the fashion world runs at this point. Consider this: There are about 50 million women employed in the fashion industry worldwide. From garment workers to cotton pickers to retail workers. What if we could empower all of them by the choices we make every day?

MUMSTER is thrilled to have partnered up with the brightest examples of fair & inclusive fashion labels that are genuinely part of the change, walking the talk and making sure no women are left behind. After all, we as consumers can help other women in every corner of the earth by consuming more consciously, appreciating what has already been made, and supporting sustainable brands that care about them as much as we do.


“I believe that women empowerment is about becoming aware of how equal we are with all our differences, insecurities, and imperfections. Teaching each other how we can embrace ourselves by embracing each other. And embracing each other by embracing ourselves.” - Chanel Trapman on women’s empowerment.

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Kicking this magazine off with The Lingerist, this online lingerie shop offers you the best selection of the most exciting independent lingerie brands from across the world. Their ultimate mission is to serve the lingerie desires of women of all backgrounds, tastes, and sizes. Going the extra mile, they never use professional models in their content, but real women and real bodies as the standard of beauty.

Being an ethical brand as their number one priority, the shoe & accessory brand BOTTINES sources only high-quality hand-crafted items produced in a sustainable and fair way with respect for people and the environment. On top of that, they work towards preserving century-old crafts in various regions, from French Camargue to Greek Peloponnesos. What sets them apart is the focus on empowering women to discover who they are and find their unique style and to buy less and choose well through education and storytelling.

J-LAB3L is known for producing fair and sustainable fashion, while never losing an eye for beauty. With complete transparency in their supply chain, they only make their eco-friendly designs in trustworthy factories with certifications. On top of that, these factories also focus on empowering their mostly women employees to take the next steps in life by providing various workshops and offering opportunities in their new-found skillset.

OSIER is a creative & independent brand living for sustainable, timeless, and ethical design. Running by a strong team of women, all of their bespoke items are designed and hand manufactured in Europe with the finest vegan material out there. From bags to belts, OSIER fills the gap by producing design-first vegan pieces that every woman can fall in love with without giving up their values.

As womanhood - SISTERHOOD - we rise by lifting each other. Together we have fought and won many battles, like getting the right to vote or to work anywhere. Yet, there are still some battles to win. From accepting our uniquely beautiful bodies to standing up for the overworked garment workers, who are mostly women. One thing is sure: we can win all the battles when we do it together.

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