In a world dominated by fast fashion and disposable trends, at MUMSTER were  determined to spotlight those pioneering initiatives that prove that a different way of producing and consuming clothing is possible. Enter “A TOOL FOR CHANGE” , a short film that follows the journeys of 9 fearless founders of emerging fashion and lifestyle brands.

Produced as part of the collaboration between Sustainable Fashion Gift Card and MUMSTER, the documentary shows how these entrepreneurs are bringing innovative concepts to the market, showcasing their creations and highlighting their commitment to sustainable practices. Keep reading to learn more about Sustainable Fashion Gift Card (SFGC) and the 9 pioneers involved in the documentary.

SUSTAINABLE FASHION GIFT CARD – an ensemble of sustainability champions

Sustainable Fashion Gift Card is a community of fashion pioneers who want to market sustainable fashion in a positive and scalable way. Nanette Hogervorst, the founder, told us that she decided to create a gift card to promote sustainable fashion and provide individuals with a means to engage with this upcoming sector of the market. Her aim was to “positively inspire people with sustainable fashion and give them a tool to explore the world of sustainable fashion” she shares. She wanted to build a community that offers a variety of avenues for reimagining clothing consumption, beyond the conventional practice of purchasing new garments. 

“The sustainable fashion gift card is simply more than a gift card, it is a tool with which I introduce people to sustainable fashion brands and lifestyle concepts.” Nanette Hogervorst.

A diverse industry with options for everyone

Nanette explains that the goal of the documentary was to “really show people how diverse sustainable fashion is.” She believes that the narrative around this industry is often quite negative and appears restrictive, with many saying “we need to stop buying” or “if you buy, only do it secondhand”, on the other hand Nanette affirms that “sustainable fashion is much more than this. Sustainability really gives you an array of options to consume clothing differently. From buying consciously, to swapping, renting, leasing, making it yourself, upcycling, customisation, etc.”

She continues  “With all these options, we can actually choose what fits our personality best and what makes us feel most comfortable.” So for her, changing the narrative of sustainable fashion was one of the main goals of this documentary.

Collaboration for impact

Nanette decided to produce the documentary under the creative direction of MUMSTER as she believes MUMSTER “can deliver quality within a limited budget. It’s all about creativity and flexibility” she tells us. She shares her experience working with MUMSTER as a positive one, “we were quite aligned on the level of quality we wanted to deliver.” she explains. She also appreciated the level of communication and understanding. “ I would say we were honest and straight up with each other and respected each other’s input.”  

Meet the Nine Pioneers of Change

The brands showcased in the documentary “A TOOL FOR CHANGE “ work every day on making the world a better place. And they all do that because they believe in it.” Nanette tells us. 

They don’t need regulations to operate more sustainably, they will do it themselves in the best way they can.” She explains. These entrepreneurs aren’t just dreaming of a better world; they’re actively building it. From reimagining materials and supply chains to crafting entirely new business models, they are rewriting the rules of fashion and lifestyle. Their ideas, as showcased in the film, are as diverse as they are groundbreaking. 


At the beginning of the documentary we meet Hatice Tekin, the co-founder of Ana Dyla and a human rights activist and lawyer, who worked extensively in the corporate world. Following the deadly Rana Plaza Factory collapse that happened in Bangladesh in 2013 she wondered how she could make an impact in her own way on the fashion industry so a few years later she started Ana Dyla, an ethical jewellery brand that creates unique pieces with recycled silver and gemstones. She surpassed her initial goal to create 100 fair trade jobs and her next step is to open her own studios. 

“ The ethical aspect is really important to me, because I think it is important that our fellow human beings are valued as we all actually are.”  Hatice Tekin



A different concept, born from a similar desire to do things differently, is the brand STEPHASTIQUE. Stephanie Willems is the mastermind behind this fashion brand that produces funky, unique garments and custom made clothing. Stephanie handmakes her garments in the Netherlands using sustainable garments, such as upcycled second-hand clothing and GOTS certified fabric. She especially takes pride in her custom made garments that ensure inclusivity,  as they can be made to fit anybody. 

 “I think diversity is super important, especially in sustainable fashion. I feel like everybody should be able to wear my designs and I want to show people that everybody can wear my designs.” Stephanie Willems