Taking Justice on Fashion United NL

On March 12, the premiere of our documentary ‘Taking Justice’ in collaboration with the ethical and sustainable fashion brand J-LAB3L, took place in the amazing EYE FILM MUSEUM in Amsterdam. The documentary will be officially launched in collaboration with Cosmopolitan NL. We will announce the official launch date very soon on our news page. Subscribe for our newsletter if you don’t want to miss this. Nora Veerman from Fashion United interviewed Chanel Trapman, the founder of MUMSTER and the filmmaker of the documentary and Janneke Honings and Judith van der Wolde, founders of J-LAB3L. Nora Veerman wrote an impressive article about the reason why this documentary is so important for the consumer and the fashion industry as a whole.

Taking Justice shows: As a small, sustainable and ethical brand you can make a difference.

— by Nora Veerman - Fashion United NL

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