Official Launch short documentary ‘Take It Slow’

On Sunday morning January 31st, the short documentary will be officially published on the Take It Slow YouTube channel.

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Fashionclash X MUMSTER – Live Streaming Event

Within the context of the 4th edition of the Fashion Makes Sense Award, FASHIONCLASH teamed up with Chanel Trapman of MUMSTER and will host an online live conversation at Circl in…

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The ShowSolidarity magazine #3: Women for women

Show Solidarity #3 is all about women supporting women in all possible ways. As entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, women have the power to turn the outdated business processes…

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This is how you can contribute to a circular fashion industry!

Discover how you as a consumer can contribute to a circular fashion industry on this circular fashion shopping route highlighted by Ware Westen in Amsterdam!

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Dutch Sustainable Fashionweek x Cosmopolitan NL event postponed

Due to the new Covid-19 measures, we feel the responsibility to postpone this event. The date is yet unknown, but we will keep you updated. If you want to make sure you will not…

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Chanel Trapman in ELLE September issue

The new ELLE September issue 2020 is out now and MUMSTER is proud to be part of it! We are so happy we got this opportunity to tell a bit about MUMSTER and also share this honor…

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Show Solidarity with powerful ‘I HAVE A DREAM’ t-shirt

An ethical brand THE DO NATION, the sustainable fashion movement MUMSTER, and a rising artist Michelle Amo, joined forces to create a powerful fashion statement in the form of a…

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The #ShowSolidarity magazine #2: We have a dream

The initial hype might be over, yet the systemic injustices are still happening every single day. That is why now it’s more essential than ever to keep standing up until the…

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MUMSTER x Palanta on Vogue NL

Honored to raise more awareness about circular fashion and the rental of clothing on Vogue NL by Marjolein Brand.

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The #ShowSolidarity magazine: We are all one.

In such turbulent times as these, it's essential to show solidarity with one another. Whether it is giving a smile to a kind stranger, buying groceries for your elderly neighbors,…

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