Chanel Trapman in Cosmopolitan the conscious issue

The new Cosmopolitan issue May/June 2020 is out now and MUMSTER is proud to be part of it! We are so happy we got this opportunity to tell a bit about MUMSTER, give some vintage shop tips and also share this honor with other great initiatives!

With her work she shows that sustainable fashion is hot! Next to giving lectures, workshops, organizing events and producing (video) podcasts, Chanel Trapman will launch the documentary 'Taking Justice'. She shared some of her favorite vintage shopping places and three extra conscious fashion tips with the Cosmopolitan readers.

— Cosmopolitan NL May/June 2020 Page 39

Our founder Chanel Trapman shared the top 5 of her favorite vintage shopping places in The Netherlands.

  1. Episode
  2. Marbles Vintage
  3. Vintage Island Store
  4. Dearhunter
  5. IJhallen

Giving 3 extra conscious fashion bonus tips:

  1. Swapping Clothes with SwopsNL and Fashion for Good.
  2. Selling and buying clothes with United Wardrobe, Vinted and The Next Closet.
  3. Borrowing clothes with Lena Library, Bijpriester and Outfit Library Less.

— Cosmopolitan NL May/June Page 39