Where to buy sustainable fashion?

By Martina Nováková

Let’s face it: the current landscape of sustainable fashion might seem like a wild jungle. From greenwashing to lack of transparency, one can easily get lost in where to find truly sustainable pieces to wear with pride. This overview on where to buy sustainable fashion online will help you navigate the eco-friendly waters with the list of our favourite webshops that curate sustainable fashion and top sustainable fashion brands sorted by relevant categories – circular, vegan, and more. 

Our all-time favourite webshops

Even in such a niche area as sustainable fashion, each conscious webstore has its primary focus, aesthetics, and price points. Take a look at our top picks and what makes them different. 

The Green Labels

Price: $-$$

Website: thegreenlabels.com

Style: Casual & bohemian chic

Brands: ArmedAngels • Tach clothing • Cossac • By Signe • Rita Row • Capsule Studio

Why we love them: High-quality pieces & perks with The Green Club

Shop Like You Give A Damn

Price: $-$$$

Website: shoplikeyougiveadamn.com

Style: All
Brands: 100+ brands • Ecoalf • J LABEL • Oh Seven Days • Veja • People Tree • Matt & Nat

Why we love them: Large selection & filter options

Ikigai labels

Price: $$-$$$

Website: ikigailabels.com 

Style: Artsy & bohemian 

Brands: Buki Akomolafe • Henk • SLUSH • Weven Design • Sushchenko • Alohas

Why we love them: Inclusivity first & original, colorful selection

Take It Slow

Price: $-$$

Website: takeitslowstore.com

Style: Fair basics & forever classics 

Brands: Jann ‘n’ June • Thinking Mu • Girlfriend Collective • Organic Basics • MAIUM

Why we love them: ‘Less is more’ approach & top curation

Scoon Store

Price: $-$$$

Website: scoon.store

Style: Clean & refreshing

Brands: Archivist • Kings of Indigo • Mud Jeans • Patagonia • Stella McCartney


Price: $-$$$

Website: nou-menon.com 

Style: Vegan chic & classy 

Brands: Sisterhood • Oh Seven Days • Collection & Co • Osier • Hot Future • Embassy of Bricks & Logs

The Collection One 

Price: $-$$

Website: thecollectionone.com 

Style: Vintage & modern neutral

Brands: Aure • Re-claimed • By Signe • Serendipity Vintage Dreamer • Young Frankk • Studio Mitzu 

Lists of best sustainable brands

Truth be told, the term “sustainable fashion” is sometimes used so broadly that we can confuse each other about what we mean by it. Are the fashion pieces eco-friendly, fairly made, vegan, or all of the above? Not one brand does it all to a T yet, so it’s up to you to decide what is more relevant when you opt-in for changing the world by fashion. To make this choice clearer, we compiled this brand guide to highlight sustainable brands which stand out in one of these green categories.

Best CIRCULAR fashion brands 

Circularity is all about using resources in a circular manner – nothing goes to waste. Think of upcycled items or collections made of deadstock fabrics. But it doesn’t end there. Business models like clothing rentals turn any clothing into a circular movement. 

Best ETHICAL fashion brands

To be clear, all sustainable brands should be ethical regarding fair wages and workers’ treatment. Yet, some of them are going a few extra miles to equilibrate the unequal scales the fashion industry has ignored for far too long. Check out these outstanding fashion projects.

All sustainable brands should be ethical regarding fair wages and workers’ treatment. Yet, some of them are going a few extra miles to equilibrate the unequal scales the fashion industry has ignored for far too long.

Best INCLUSIVE fashion brands

Inclusivity in fashion has been on the rise all across the spectrum. From expanding to all the possible sizes to highlighting black-owned businesses, sustainable brands have been challenged to add this essential perspective into their sustainable narrative. These responded in the best way possible. 

Best VEGAN fashion brands

Highlighting top vegan fashion brands doesn’t almost need any explanation. The truth is finding alternatives to animal-based fashion items with the same quality while being sustainable might be a pickle on its own. These brands make it look easy.

Best AFFORDABLE sustainable fashion brands

Sustainable fashion has a reputation for wildly expensive items that are not attainable to most. While most brands price their collections way above an average Primark T-shirt, quite a few killer brands make sustainable fashion affordable. 

Just the tip of the sustainable fashion iceberg

While this handy article seems full of endless options on where to buy sustainable fashion, this guide just touches the tip of the iceberg compared to all the sustainable alternatives out there. Always look at what is available to you locally and what next emerging brand is trying to make a difference in your city. If you think we forgot a unique sustainable brand or a webshop that also deserves a mention, let us know – we’ll be updating this piece regularly.


Photo’s by Laura van der Spek