Valentine’s Day is obviously all about love. Commercial or not, love deserves to be celebrated in a big way as far as we’re concerned. We believe that self-love is the most beautiful form of love. What better way to start celebrating yourself than feeling your best and sexiest in underwear that makes you glow? Underwear or lingerie that is comfortable, but also looks very good, creates something powerful. 

Sustainable underwear is still somewhat the black sheep within the sustainable fashion industry. When it comes to underwear, we seem to be less likely to think about where it comes from and how it is made, than with the rest of our clothing. Buying second-hand underwear is also not very common. We are therefore extra excited to share beautiful sustainable underwear brands in this blog, so that you can spoil yourself on Valentine’s Day in the most responsible way.

What makes us even more excited to talk about sustainable underwear is our (just launched!) video podcast in collaboration with Musa Intimates. A wonderful example of how underwear can be sexy, comfortable and most of all: circular. Musa is all about embracing your intimate zones. Their message says it all: The comfortable you is the ideal you.”  Want to know more about their amazing undies? Read our special Musa blog!

Musa is all about embracing your intimate zones. Their message says it all: "The comfortable you is the ideal you.”

More tips for sustainable underwear 


  • Armed Angels
  • Affordable and comfortable underwear made from TENCEL for all shapes and sizes.


  • Savara Intimates
  • A certified and eco-friendly brand where you can find beautifully detailed lingerie with extra care for finding your perfect size.


  • Anekdot
  • Modern lingerie pieces made from different kinds of materials such as production leftovers, end of lines, off-cuts, deadstock and vintage trimmings.


  • Knickey
  • This brand is all about self-love and celebrating underwear for Every Body. They use organic cotton for a comfortable and soft fit.


  • Moja
  • This brand does not only use sustainable materials, they provide good hygiene and education on health and hygiene for everyone who needs it.


  • Nette Rose
  • We think there’s no one who wouldn’t feel gorgeous in these underwear. So many details and colors that it becomes difficult to choose. And you wanna know something cool? With every brallete you purchase, they will plant a tree in Madagascar!