What is circular fashion?

Sustainable fashion has just started to make waves while the next big thing seems to emerge from within this fashion niche: the one and only circular fashion. Find out what…

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Where to buy sustainable fashion?

Let’s face it: the current landscape of sustainable fashion might seem like a wild jungle. From greenwashing to lack of transparency, one can easily get lost in where to find…

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What is the true meaning of sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion and collections alike have sprung up like mushrooms in every imaginable corner of the fashion landscape. While the thought behind every green endeavour counts,…

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Official Launch ‘FULL CIRCLE’ during Dutch Sustainable Fashionweek

AMSTERDAM - On Friday, 24 September, the MUMSTER MOVEMENT will launch the 'FULL CIRCLE' campaign in collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam during the Dutch Sustainable…

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Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem – Dimensions tour – Report

The Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem (FDFA) is the annual festival where fashion, design, art and culture merge. During the FDFA'21, artists, designers, cultural institutions and…

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Online Businesses to Support During Lockdown

With stores shut and a lockdown, we can still support online businesses in these trying times! Here are some of our favourite online sustainable businesses that we love to support…

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How to Embrace Slow and Conscious Living

It’s no surprise that the past year has been challenging for all of us. Even though life around us had come to a crawl or in some cases a complete halt, the level of stress and…

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Official Launch short documentary ‘Take It Slow’

On Sunday morning January 31st, the short documentary will be officially published on the Take It Slow YouTube channel.

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Fashionclash X MUMSTER – Live Streaming Event

Within the context of the 4th edition of the Fashion Makes Sense Award, FASHIONCLASH teamed up with Chanel Trapman of MUMSTER and will host an online live conversation at Circl in…

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The ShowSolidarity magazine #3: Women for women

Show Solidarity #3 is all about women supporting women in all possible ways. As entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, women have the power to turn the outdated business processes…

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