Changing the world with the first thing you choose to wear every day, your underwear!

This week, From 7 to 12 February, it is the Week of Circular Economy in The Netherlands. A perfect moment for us to launch our most sexy campaign so far, in collaboration with circular brand MUSA Intimates. This campaign proves how you can make a positive impact on yourself and your surroundings with choosing the right underwear!

Banana textile: one of the strongest natural fabrics in the world
MUSA Intimates is a young underwear company run by women, for women. They make circular underwear from banana textile, one of the strongest natural fabrics in the world. As not many people know, the banana tree can only give their fruits once. After every harvest, the trees are taken down, which causes enormous waste dumps that cause imbalance in nature and its biodiversity. However, these trees do not have to be seen as waste. The fibers of the stems can be used to make the banana textile, and this is exactly what MUSA uses for their production. This makes their underwear innovative and circular.

So, choosing a sustainable pair of panties can have an impact on the environment. However, this seemingly small and simple choice can have more influence on yourself as well. Maybe even more than you think.

Breaking with unrealistic beauty standards
MUSA creates their underwear based on their values: my comfort, my sexy, and our future. Comfort is key, especially for your intimate parts. That strap, which leaves red marks on your hip or shoulder, that string that chafes around your intimate areas, or that fabric that irritates your vulva. Next to these inconveniences, the unrealistic beauty standards portrayed by the companies that make these mentioned products, can make women feel uncomfortable in their skin and feel insecure. MUSA changes this by providing comfortable undies that make you feel and look your best. Pre-order your first ever banana undie here, and hop on this change.

Musa Intimates makes circular underwear from banana textile, one of the strongest natural fabrics in the world.

Video Podcast: Altering Undies
Maybe, we alone, cannot convince you enough that your underwear choice can have more impact than you think. That is exactly why we invited some beautiful ladies to tell us more about their own personal perspective on these topics. We talked to Anouk Allemand, the body confidence queen, Linda de Munck, the ‘sexfluencer’ from the Netherlands, and Michelle Amo, an all-round creative with a passion for fashion. Our conversations with these inspiring people will be available to listen to on Spotify and are available to watch on YouTube from the 9th of February 2022.

In case these conversations intrigue you to learn even more about conscious choices, sustainable materials, and innovative fashion. We suggest that you should definitely pass by the Fashion for Good Museum in Amsterdam. Right now, their exposition GROW is showing us all the new fabrics that are being created from 100% natural materials. They collaborated with different designers to get inspired by these natural materials and use them in new clothing, which created the most beautiful and mesmerizing creations.

So, you want to be a more comfortable and sexier you, while also doing something great for the environment? Let’s start at the beginning of our day and make the very first choice of the day a conscious one!