The Show Solidarity magazine #2: We have a dream

By Martina Novàkovà
This year has been as challenging as it has been hopeful. From the never-ending Corona crisis to the perpetual injustices of systematic racism, the world is standing on the crossroads of humanity. Looking back, the well-meaning symbols and nice gestures like the already forgotten Blackout Tuesday no longer cut it; a lasting change comes through tangible, outspoken, and consistent actions that unapologetically celebrate the beautiful diversity that the world’s got to offer. 

The initial hype might be over, yet the systemic injustices are still happening every single day. That is why now it’s more essential than ever to keep standing up until the reality truly changes. We must do better. We must do so much better, starting today. Every step is not too small, every day is not too ordinary, to keep the needle moving. And that’s what this issue of the Show Solidarity magazine is about: everyday activism. No matter where you’re at, what you’ve got, or who you know, we all can make a difference every day. 

“We must do better. We must do so much better, starting today.”

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As a conscious fashion agency, we decided to do our part and use this creative platform to shine the spotlight on inspiring brands and initiatives that show how truly diverse the sustainable fashion is and why it matters. 

From stunning black-owned fashion brands to remarkable ethical projects changing the way fashion is made in South-East Asia, MUMSTER has brought together an exclusive selection of the most vibrant and diverse conscious initiatives to show solidarity with one another and celebrate the full spectrum of color behind the fashion labels. 

The second issue of the Show Solidarity magazine features game-changing sustainable fashion brands such as Ketura, THE DO NATION, GOOD KRAMA, AKWAMAN, Raff, as well as BMUSE and Rogue. This continuously evolving magazine will be weekly updated throughout August and September with detailed profiles of these fashion projects, including captivating videos and extraordinary visuals.

Exclusively for this campaign, THE DO NATION, in collaboration with a rising artist Michelle Amo, has designed an ‘I have a dream’ t-shirt that you’ll be able to preorder next week and tangibly show solidarity this way. Additionally, the portion of proceeds will go to several foundations fighting racism, including The Black Lives Matter fund and charities supporting children’s education in Africa. 

"Every step is not too small, every day is not too ordinary, to keep the needle moving."

Check out The ShowSolidarity magazine #1: We are all one.


Ketura is a fair streetwear label that originated in Antwerp. Their signature unisex bomber jackets are locally and honestly made in the capital of Belgium, Brussels. Jennique, the founder and designer of Ketura, pays homage to her African roots by incorporating traditional colorful prints. With her flagship store in Lil’ Amsterdam inside of the maze of the central station, Jennique strives to keep the Ketura designs African inspired with a modern twist. One of these striking innovations is design matching scarfs and mouth caps as an immediate response to the new normal during the Corona crisis. 


A fashion project with a clever play on words, THE DO NATION is an Amsterdam based brand inspired by a life story of the founder Anna Nagy to support a good cause with each purchase. This inspiring ethical brand is using simple yet powerful illustrations to support charities that are fighting for a better world every day.


With good karma as its reference, a slow fashion label GOOD KRAMA was inspired by Cambodia’s most versatile textile: the krama. The krama is a traditional silk or cotton scarf made of thousands of tiny squares that reflect the tumultuous history of Cambodia: a patchwork of contrasting hues, of darkness and light. GOOD KRAMA is known for its high quality, versatile and trans-seasonal pieces that blend cultural tradition with innovation by mixing handwoven fabrics with their modern designs.


Founded in 2017, AKWAMAN is a Dutch streetwear brand, ethically made by artisans in Accra, Ghana. Inspired by the Ghanaian Culture full of bright colors & beautiful fabrics, this fair fashion label combines the style of the streets of Ghana with the influences of the Western world. AKWAMAN was started by Jetske & Ekwele, combining their experience and passion for fashion, ethical principles, and human rights. The fabric they use is 100% cotton and wax printed with original Kente prints from the Akan Tribe in South Ghana.

“Supporting diverse conscious fashion is now more relevant than ever”

Everyday activism keeps relentlessly going. So does The Show Solidarity magazine that will be continuously updated with new inspiring content throughout August and September. Follow the updates on the MUMSTER Instagram or sign up for the newsletter below to be notified about new Show Solidarity magazine entries.


Rogue is all about handpicked girl power gorgeousness for the wild and free-hearted. This endeavor is the moonchild of Mandy van Groot who believes in slow, conscious consuming over mass-production. Ranging from stunning fair jewelry, gorgeous home decor from small businesses, clean beauty by small-batch to handpicked vintage crystals, Rogue is exclusively giving a platform to businesses run by amazing women of all colors and backgrounds that chose their own path and their own magic.


Lovingly curated, BMUSE is a stylish, vintage fashion boutique based in the UK. The founder, Brenda Dennison, consciously handpicks each piece for the modern fashionista who considers sustainable fashion and embraces her style. BMUSE believes in closing the loop on textiles waste by reusing and re-loving fashion that is more than a concept – it’s a celebration. In the pursuit of empowering sustainable fashion choices, each piece is a wonderful echo of a time past with BMUSE inviting you to recreate your contemporary narrative.


Handmade with natural vegetable-tanned leather, Raff takes pride in promoting traditional craft and the fashion revolution movement. Conceptualized and founded by Rashi Agarwal Favier, this sustainable brand believes in making premium quality products, providing an honest treatment of the employees, and keeping its environmental impact at a minimum.

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Photography by Laura van der Spek
Model – Rashi Agarwal Favier
Model – Michelle Amo