Official Launch short documentary 'Take It Slow'

AMSTERDAM – In a world that is moving faster and faster, it is increasingly important to take it slow and live with more attention and find the peace within yourself. We live in a time, when we are increasingly at risk of becoming more and more distant from ourselves and nature, partly through technology and social media. With the arrival of COVID-19, the world is being forced to a standstill and we have no choice but to turn inward. But how do you do that?

At school we are trained to function well in society, to participate in the capitalist system driven by performance and competition, resulting in a society in which 1.3 million people in The Netherlands suffer from burnout related complaints.

How do you find that peace within yourself?

In this short documentary, Laura Snijder founder of Take It Slow, is looking for answers together with experts and inspirers Jelle Derckx & Claire Wouters, founders of growthinkers, YouTuber Marije van der Made founder of the YouTube channel ‘Dit Gebeurt Er Als’, founder of Studio Innerwork and Silent State, coach & meditation teacher Michelle de Bruijn and Elizabeth Plokker and Charon Tolhuisen, founders of the consciousness center The Conscious Club in Amsterdam.

Take It Slow
Three years ago, entrepreneur Laura Snijder decided to inspire people to make their wardrobe more sustainable with the launch of her webshop Take It Slow. For years, Laura has been successfully selling brands with her webshop, that are made under fair conditions with minimal impact on the environment. Now three years later, Laura feels that it is time for the next step. On Sunday 31 January, Take It Slow is therefore expanding and the sustainable clothing webshop will be renamed into an inspiration platform that will inspire people in their process towards a more conscious life. With Take It Slow she will share her knowledge and experiences through various content, (online) workshops and (online) retreats to help others with a conscious and balanced lifestyle. At Take It Slow people can gather knowledge in the field of “slow living” and shop clothes that represent this lifestyle. The launch of the short documentary “Take It Slow” is the start of the new inspiration platform Take It Slow.

Michelle de Bruijn: “Every day I ask myself the questions:” What can I do for myself, what can I do for someone else and what can I do for the world? ”

Jelle Derckx & Claire Wouters: “We grew up in a society where competition, performance and compliance are the norm. At school, the focus is on how you can function in the labor market, not on who you are and what is important to you.”

Marije van der Made: “For me, ‘take it slow’ means resilience in every way: mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.”

Elizabeth Plokker & Charon Tolhuisen: “We now live at such a high speed that we don’t have the time to think about life and to think about where you want to go. ”

On Sunday morning January 31st, the short documentary will be officially published on the Take It Slow YouTube channel.