Fashionclash X MUMSTER - Live Streaming Event

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Within the context of the 4th edition of the Fashion Makes Sense Award, FASHIONCLASH teamed up with Chanel Trapman of MUMSTER and will host an online live conversation at Circl in Amsterdam, centered around the topic of sustainability in fashion; not just focusing on environmental aspects but also including wellbeing, emotions, inclusion and identity.

Date: Wednesday 27th of January 2021
Time: 17.00 – 18.00 (GMT +1)
Where: FASHIONCLASH YouTube Channel

Conversation members:  Chanel Trapman (MUMSTER), Branko Popovic (FASHIONCLASH), Daniëlle Bruggeman (Professor of Fashion, ArtEZ University of the Arts), Marian Duff (MAFB), Roosmarie Ruigrok (Clean&Unique, Reflow Project, Green Deal Circulair Denim), and award-winning designer Tom van der Borght.

More information about the conversation members

The conversation is due to COVID-19 restrictions not physically accessible but can be watched directly via the YouTube channel of FASHIONCLASH. You can re-watch & listen the conversation afterwards as a (video)podcast.

About Fashion Makes Sense Award
The Fashion Makes Sense Award is an annual returning motivation prize for young designers. This award aims to develop talent and support sustainable designers on the one hand and raise awareness of sustainability related issues with a larger audience on the other. Fashion Makes Sense Award has been brought to life by FASHIONCLASH in cooperation with the Provence of Limburg and was launched during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2017 in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Fashion Makes Sense Award is meant to motivate and stimulate promising talent to think about sustainability and to offer young talents support in developing a durable collection.

The 4th edition of the Fashion Makes Sense Award is supported by the Provence of Limburg, Municipality of Maastricht, Meester Koetsier Foundation and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

FASHIONCLASH is an interdisciplinary showcase and development platform for fashion & fashion culture and a worldwide network of emerging fashion makers based in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

We initiate, produce and present existing and new work of a new generation of fashion makers who research, reflect, contextualize and celebrate contemporary fashion(culture) from the intrinsic question:

How can fashion contribute to a better, healthier and more inclusive society?

Since 2009 FASHIONCLASH has realized numerous successful projects and offered the stage to over 1000 talents in The Netherlands, but also in Brazil, South-Africa, China, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Serbia and Italy. FASHIONCLASH is managed by artistic and managing directors Branko Popovic, Laurens Hamacher and Nawie Kuiper.