Online Businesses to Support During Lockdown

By Rashi Agarwal Favier

Although Corona has affected all of us to varying degrees, small business owners across the globe and in the Netherlands, have been hit hard. Ecommerce and brick-and-mortar brands alike are all feeling the impact of coronavirus on their business in one way or another. As a designer myself, I can imagine the pain of shutting down your store or taking a dip in sales for a prolonged period in time. Small businesses and stores are the heart of the local economy and culture. Shopping small is essential as we are supporting someone’s creative vision. This way we can appreciate the time, commitment, and thought that goes into curating a small, sustainable store.

With stores shut and a lockdown, we can still support online businesses in these trying times! Here are some of our favourite online sustainable businesses that we love to support and would like to shine the light on.

Small businesses and stores are the heart of the local economy and culture.

1.Ikigai Labels

Ikigai is the e-boutique for creative slow fashion from around the globe, in search of representation and inclusivity. As an initiative to start making the slow fashion community more inclusive, Ikigai offers a wide variety of prices. Started by founder Helene, Ikigai is a great platform to support international designers.

Our top pick: Everything by Indian label Little things Studio

2.Serendipity Vintage Dreamer

Serendipity Vintage Dreamer wants to reimagine the fashion industry by giving clothing a new life and shifting to zero waste. Started by Liseth and Andrea, Serendipity stems from a desire to wear modern curated clothing without harming people or the planet. To make vintage accessible to everybody while building a better lifestyle was just the perfect “Serendipity moment”.

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Top Pick: This versatile silk shirt


Zazi is a narrative that connects and weaves cultures together through cloth, that works with women storytellers all over the world. Founded by girl crush, Jeanne de Kroon, Zazi wishes to facilitate the connection you would feel with your most beloved piece of clothing. A story that is woven into your story with the fabric of existence. From the magic of rural India to the majestic hills of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, Zazi brings you the heritage and craft that weave their story into your story with the fabric of existence.

Top Pick: The iconic Zazi coat

4. Palanta 

Palanta is an online sustainable fashion rental solution for eco-conscious women and (future) moms, driven by a green community and a common goal. A great concept if you don’t want to add new pieces to your wardrobe but still want to wear a new outfit, without burdening the planet. You can rent out ethically made clothing via affordable fashion rental subscriptions on their platform and support renowned and eco-friendly local brands.

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Top Pick: This gorgeous blazer

5. Thegreenlabels

Thegreenlabels is a one stop online platform for all your sustainable needs from fashion to beauty and lifestyle. Founder Claudia puts in extensive research before taking on a brand and has the most transparency on the website so you know everything about the product. By making accessible and creating a demand for sustainable fashion, & beauty products, we encourage other labels and the entire industry to shift towards a more sustainable model.

Top Pick: Lingerie by Nette Rose

Shopping small is essential as we are supporting someone’s creative vision.

6.Shop Like You Give A Damn

With a mission to make compassion and sustainability the new normal, SLYGAD is the largest online vegan department store for fair and sustainable products in Europe. For those who give a damn. With a  selection of the most beautiful fashion brands and beauty products, each and every one of these brands is vegan(-friendly), fair and does business as sustainably as possible.

Top Pick: Their extensive collection of Vegan Sneakers

7.Collection one

Looking to buy some authentic vintage items from an online web shop? The Collection One is an independent boutique (and an online store) based in Amsterdam that offers a wide collection of neutral vintage and sustainable items. Founded by Lisa Schotman, her preference is for a slow and conscious living. Along with lovely vintage fashion, you can also find tasteful home decor and curated pieces from sustainable brands.

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Top Pick: Jewellery by Young Frankk

Most stores also offer gift cards which is a great way to show your support, even though you might need to buy anything at the moment.


Elegant yet playful, and as feminist as it is feminine, Libaya is influenced by an African way of dress where women traditionally wear a personal tailored made top that doesn’t need much more than a cloth around the waist to celebrate their own unique beauty. While combining inspiration from the past and present, Libaya creates versatile and feminine styles that reflect the now, currently working closely with  tailors, artisans and small production houses in Africa and Europe.

Top Pick: This dreamy organza top


Scoon is dedicated to finding exciting brands that care about people and the environment. Brands on Scoon actively make a positive impact whether it’s on your skin, the environment or local communities. Creation of Guusje Wentrup and Marloes Garben, they carefully assess each brand’s working practices using certification schemes and other independent rating projects such as COSMOS, the Soil Association, Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and B Corp. We love that all their partner brands share our values around transparency, responsibility and sustainability.

Top Pick: Bags by Ghanaian label AAKS

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10. Osier

A creative and independent brand, Osier stands for sustainable, timeless and ethical design. All of their products are designed and hand manufactured in Europe with the finest vegan materials like apple leather. Founder Theresa is constantly exploring innovative ways to remain ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly. Osier values care for both our animals and our planet as we pave the footsteps towards our future.

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Top Pick: Nieuw-West Backpack

Most stores listed above also offer gift cards which is a great way to show your support, even though you might need to buy anything at the moment. You can also follow them on Instagram and like/ share their posts to support them without spending any money. We hope you find this list helpful. Have a favourite local store or business you support? Drop them in the comments below!